Varenyky (Polish) (Russian)

dough, potatoes

Pierogi are filled dumplings of East European origin. They are made by wrapping pockets of unleavened dough around a savory or sweet filling and cooking them in boiling water. These dumplings are popular in Slavic (Polish, Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian), Baltic (Latvian, Lithuanian) and other Eastern European cuisines (such as Romanian) where they are known under local names. Pierogi and varenyky are especially associated with Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia where they are considered national dishes. Typical fillings include potato, sauerkraut, ground …

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Its dumplings of unleavened dough filled with meat, mushrooms, or other stuffings. It is a traditional cuisine of Russia. Kalduny …

Mandu 만두 (Korean)
These Korean dumplings can be made with store-bought gyoza wrappers, and are most often filled with minced kimchi, or kimchi …

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Bryndzové Pirohy

Pierogis Stuffed With Bry… (Slovak)
bryndzové pirohy is stuffed potato dumplings with bryndza cheese, then slather sour cream on top, and finish it off again …

Varenyky Pirohi (Ukrainian)
Varenyky are dumplings filled with cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut or sometimes with olives, pumpkin, nettle, or strawberries.