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We include in global cuisine dishes that are present in almost every region of the glove. Most of these dishes were originated a long time ago by ancient cultures and are the base of new dishes

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Scrambled eggs is a dish made by stirring or beating eggs together in a pan while being gently heated, typically …
A pot pie is a type of meat pie with a top crust, generally made in a pot, consisting of …
Pot pie made of chicken
Pale ale is a kind of ale meaning it has been top-fermented and made with predominantly pale malt. Pale ales …
(0 ) Pilsener, Pils Beer (-Worldwide-)
Pilsners is a type of pale lager beer which originated in the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic. German …
(0 ) Thickshake, Thick M… (American) (-Worldwide-)
Milkshake is a sweet, cold beverage which is usually made from milk, ice cream, or iced milk, and flavorings or …
A cookie is a baked or cooked good that is small, flat, and sweet, usually containing flour, sugar and some …
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