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02:50AM April 23, 2021 - by: atasneem

Bečka Šnicla

Bečki Odrezak

(Bosnian And Herzegovina) (0 )

Bečka Šnicla or Bečki Odrezak is a Breaded cutlet eaten in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is made of veal or beef and usually served with mashed potatoes. It is garnished with a slice of lemon and lettuce.

02:43AM April 23, 2021 - by: atasneem


(Korean) (0 )

Kyeongyangsik is the common bread cutlet that is eaten around Korea. There are other varieties of bread cutlet. It is similar to Schnitzel. It is prepared with bread crumbs, meat, spices, oil.

02:16AM April 22, 2021 - by: atasneem

Egyptian Chicken Panne

Chicken Schnitzel, Breaded Chicken Breast

(Egyptian) (0 )

Egyptian Chicken Panne is an Egyptian dish made with chicken, breadcrumbs, oil, lemon juice, onion. It is also popular with french fries, in sandwiches, or eaten alone as an appetizer.

02:03AM April 21, 2021 - by: atasneem

Chhurpi Soup

(Nepalese) (0 )

Chhurpi soup is a traditional soup of Sikkim, Darjeeling, Nepal and Tibet and is widely served during many occasions. Chhurpi is a fermented dairy product prepared from cow or yak milk. It is a traditional cottage cheese which gives a texture of a white soft …

01:58AM April 21, 2021 - by: atasneem


(Brazilian) (0 )

Rabanada is the Brazilian equivalent of French toast. The bread is sliced, soaked in milk and sweetened condensed milk. Then it is dipped in egg and fried in oil. The fried toast is then covered in cinnamon or with icing sugar. This special dessert is …

01:53AM April 21, 2021 - by: atasneem

Brazilian Pave Dessert

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Brazilian Pave Dessert is a Holiday dessert prepared during Christmas in Brazil. Pave is basically a no-bake layered cake that consists of a combination of ladyfinger biscuits or Marie cookies, cream, and chocolate.

01:45AM April 21, 2021 - by: atasneem

Christmas Ham

Tender Natalino

(Brazilian) (0 )

Tender natalino also called Christmas ham is a Brazilian holiday dish. It is prepared with honey, mustard, white wine, cloves, fruity sauce, fruits, ham.

01:17AM April 21, 2021 - by: atasneem


(Guatemalan) (0 )

Borracho is a Guatemalan dish that literally means drunk in English. This is the perfect name for this sponge cake doused with local rum. The cake dough is made with egg yolks, flour, sugar and baking powder. Separately, rum is cooked into syrup with sugar …

01:13AM April 21, 2021 - by: atasneem

Elotes Locos

(Guatemalan) (0 )

Elote loco, literally “crazy corn” is a whole cob of cooked or grilled sweet corn, topped with mayonnaise, mustard, salsa negra (or salsa inglesa), ketchup and cheese, which is very popular in Guatemala.

01:05AM April 21, 2021 - by: atasneem


(Guatemalan) (0 )

Dobladas is a Guatemalan dish. It is prepared with maseca flour, onions, peppers, cheese, meat. The soft tortilla wraps filling that is usually onions, peppers, cheese and meat. There are plenty of versions of vegetarian Dobladas. Dobladas are served throughout the day. It’s a quick …

03:48PM April 19, 2021 - by: atasneem

Tamales De Elote


(Guatemalan) (0 )

Tamales de Elote is Guatemalan dish that is similar to Tamale Negros. It is slightly sweet tamales that vary from the rest of the tamales in the country.The dough is made with sweet corn. And the stuffing is made of cream, cheese, raisins and vanilla …

03:33PM April 19, 2021 - by: atasneem

Tamales Negros

(Guatemalan) (0 )

Tamales Negros is a black tamale which is a sweet version of Guatemalan food. Instead of the savoury flavour, it is a unique taste as it’s filled with chocolate, raisins and nuts. There are also other versions of tamales negros made with dark corn and …

03:21PM April 19, 2021 - by: atasneem

Tamales Colorados

(Guatemalan) (0 )

Tamales Colorados is a Guatemalan dish. The colour of this tamale is basically red. These red tamales are the most common variety. The achiote spice gives tamales Colorados its famous red colour. The stuffing includes red peppers, olives and diced meat and tomato-based sauce.

03:02PM April 19, 2021 - by: atasneem

Guatemalan Tamales

(Guatemalan) (0 )

Guatemalan Tamales is a special kind of dish from Guatemala. It has different variation. Guatemala version of Tamale is generally bigger than others. Guatemalan tamale dough is made with maize, which is wrapped and cooked in a large maxan leaf or a corn husk.

02:52PM April 19, 2021 - by: atasneem

Salpicón De Res

(Guatemalan) (0 )

Salpicón de Res is a Guatemalan dish. It is a popular meat salad. This popular Guatemalan food is made with meat that is slow-cooked until it is tender and easy to pull apart. The salad also includes onion, tomato, peppers and mint. The dressing uses …

02:42PM April 19, 2021 - by: atasneem


(Guatemalan) (0 )

Chojin is a Guatemalan dish which basically a salad. This Guatemalan salad is common throughout the country and generally served as an appetizer, or occasionally as a side dish. The key ingredients of the salad are radish, mint and chicharron. It has all the great …

05:22AM April 14, 2021 - by: geetakiduniya

Seyal Phulka

Seyal Maani, Sindhi Seyal Phulka, Sindhi …

(Indian) (0 )

Seyal Phulka is a Sindhi delicacy (from Indian cuisine) made from leftover rotis in spiced ginger, garlic and tomato gravy.

07:38AM April 04, 2021 - by: itisclaudio


Mafé, Maffé, Maffe, Peanut Stew, Groundnu…

(Ivorian) (Malian) (0 )

Maafe is a stew that is a staple food in Western Africa. It originates from the Mandinka and Bambara people of Mali. Typically Maafe is served with millet.

09:33PM March 29, 2021 - by: geetakiduniya

Veg Hara Bhara Kabab

Hariyali Kabab Veg

(Indian) (0 )

Hara Bhara Kabab is a tempting and delicious appetizer from Indian Cuisine!

12:51AM March 26, 2021 - by: geetakiduniya

Carrot Halwa

Gajar Halwa

(Indian) (0 )

Carrot Halwa or Gajar Halwa is a popular Indian sweets made out of carrots! Delicious, winter special dish!