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05:53AM December 30, 2021 - by: Bibleoftaste

Shrimp and Chicken Paella

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05:52AM December 30, 2021 - by: Bibleoftaste

Shrimp and Chicken Paella

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05:47AM December 30, 2021 - by: Bibleoftaste

Creamy Pumpkin Rice Pudding

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So bright and creamy! It’s like crème brulee! Pumpkin adds amazing color and flavor to this classic rice pudding. You can use good thick coconut cream, just don’t get coconut milk. For some reason, there many low-quality varieties among the coconut cream on supermarket shelves. …

05:42AM December 30, 2021 - by: Bibleoftaste


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Quark is a type of fresh dairy product made by warming soured milk to 20° - 27 °C until the desired degree of curdling is met, and then straining it. It can be classified as fresh acid-set cheese, though in some countries it is traditionally …

09:35AM December 21, 2021 - by: itisclaudio

Cazuela Nogada

Cazuela stew with walnut sauce

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Cazuela Nogada is not an exclusively Chilean dish, but in the El Almendral area, in the province of Chacabuco and close to Los Andes, they make the Poultry Cazuela with Walnut Sauce. It is an ingenious and invigorating dish to help survive lovesickness or too …

09:28AM December 21, 2021 - by: itisclaudio

Barros Luco

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Barros Luco is a hot sandwich in Chile that includes beef and melted cheese in one of several types of bread. The sandwich is named after Chilean president Ramón Barros Luco, and was coined in the restaurant of the National Congress of Chile, where president …

08:33AM December 21, 2021 - by: itisclaudio

Michelob AmberBock

Michelob Amber Bock

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Michelob AmberBock is an American "Bock - Traditional" style beer with 5.2% ABV and 19 IBU, brewed by Anheuser-Busch Missouri, United States, United States. 12 oz contains 150 calories

04:07PM December 07, 2021 - by: itisclaudio

Dutch baby pancake

German Pancake, Bismarck, Dutch Puff, Hoo…

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Dutch baby is a large American popover baked in the oven, rather than being fried on both sides on the stove top, it is generally thicker than most pancakes, and it contains no chemical leavening ingredients, such as baking powder. The idea of a Dutch …

01:29PM December 07, 2021 - by: itisclaudio


Kiepenkerl, Weckmann, Klaaskerl, Stutenma…

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A Stutenkerl belongs to the Saint Nicholas tradition in the German-speaking countries. It is a pastry made of Stuten, sweet leavened dough, in the form of a man (Kerl is German for 'lad' or 'fellow'). Stutenkerl is available usually around Saint Nicholas' Day, December 6, …

08:13AM November 23, 2021 - by: itisclaudio


Coconut Creamed Spinach

(I-kiribati) (Samoan) (0 )

Palusami is the national dish from Kiribati and also made with coconut milk. Pour the coconut milk into a large mixing bowl. Stir in the salt, lemon juice and onions. A traditional Samoan dish of wrapped bundles of taro leaves with a coconut and onion …

08:10AM November 23, 2021 - by: itisclaudio

Jollof Rice

Benachin, Riz Au Gras, Theibou Dienn

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Jollof Rice is a one-pot rice dish popular in many West African countries. The dish consists of rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, onions, salt, spices and chilli peppers; optional ingredients can be added such as vegetables, meats, or fish.

08:04AM November 23, 2021 - by: itisclaudio



(Iraqi) (0 )

This dish consisting of seasoned, grilled carp. It is considered the national dish of Iraq.

08:02AM November 23, 2021 - by: itisclaudio



(Maldivian) (0 )

Garudiya is a clear fish broth. It is one of the basic and traditional food items of Maldivian cuisine. The broth is based on tuna species found in the nation's ocean waters such as skipjack (kanḍumas or goḍa), yellowfin tuna (kanneli), little tunny (lațți), or …

07:58AM November 23, 2021 - by: itisclaudio


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Lecso is a Hungarian thick vegetable ragout or stew which features green and/or red peppers and tomato, onion, salt, and ground sweet and/or hot paprika as a base recipe. The onions and peppers are usually sauteed in lard, bacon fat or sunflower oil. Garlic can …

08:36AM November 19, 2021 - by: itisclaudio


(Puerto Rican) (0 )

A lechon is a whole pig roasted over a spit.

08:32AM November 19, 2021 - by: itisclaudio


(Hawaiian) (0 )

Saimin is a noodle soup dish developed by different immigrant groups in Hawaii. Its consists of soft wheat egg noodles served in hot dashi garnished with green onions. Kamaboko, char siu, sliced Spam, linguiça, and nori , among other additions.

08:28AM November 19, 2021 - by: itisclaudio



(Vanuatu) (0 )

It is the national dish of Vanuatu. Laplap is prepared by pounding breadfruit, taro or yam roots into a dough. The dough is then cooked in an underground oven, with fresh coconut cream and some pork, beef, chicken or flying fox in taro or spinach …

03:28PM November 18, 2021 - by: itisclaudio

Mountain Chicken

Giant Ditch Frog

(Dominica's) (0 )

Mountain Chicken actually refers to a species of giant frog native to the area. The legs, which form the basis of a dish, is considered Dominica's national food.

12:06PM November 18, 2021 - by: itisclaudio

Picante De Carne

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Picante De Carne is a comforting Peruvian dish. It is similar to a stew.

08:02PM November 09, 2021 - by: itisclaudio


Kaastengel, Kastengel, Kue Keju

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Kaasstengels is a Dutch cheese cookie in the form of sticks, commonly found in the Netherlands and Indonesia. The name describes its ingredients, shape and origin; kaas is the Dutch word for "cheese", while stengels means "sticks". Wikipedia