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Iranian food (also referred to as Persian food) is some of the most delicious and fresh in its region. It is also quite healthy, using only small amounts of red meat (usually lamb or beef), emphasizing larger amounts of grains (especially rice), fruits, and vegetables. Although it is often lumped under the category of general "Middle Eastern" fare, the Iranian cuisine is able to retain its uniqueness in a variety of ways. One of these ways is preparing meals with contrasting flavors, such as a

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Jujeh Kebab

(1 ) Joojay kebob, Jooje… (Iranian)

This consists of grilled chunks of chicken which are sometimes with bone and other times without bone. This is one …

Shirazi Salad

(0 ) (Iranian) (-Middle Eastern-)

Popular and common traditional Iranian salad that originated from and is named after Shiraz in Southern Iran. Its primary ingredients …

(0 ) Roghan Josh (Indian) (Iranian)

Staple of Kashmiri cuisine and is one of the main dishes of the Kashmiri multi-course meal (the "Wazwan"). It consists …

Bastani Sonnati

(0 ) Saffron Ice Cream (Iranian) (-Middle Eastern-)

Bastani Sonnati (meaning "classical ice cream") (Persian: بستنی سنتی‎‎), or simply Bastani, is a Persian ice cream made from milk, …

Juje Kebab

(0 ) grilled chicken (Iranian)

Grilled chunks of chicken; one of the most common dishes in Iran. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_cuisine


(0 ) shashlyk (Iranian)

was originally made of lamb. Nowadays it is also made of pork or beef depending on local preferences and religious …

(0 ) Chelo Kebab (Iranian)

An Iranian Chelo Kebab is the national dish of Iran ,which is served with saffron basmati rice with grilled tomatoes,onion …

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