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Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines native to india. given the range of diversity in soil type, climate and occupations, these cuisines vary significantly from each other and use locally available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. indian food is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices and traditions.

the development of these cuisines have been shaped by dharmic beliefs, and in particular by vegetarianism, which is a growing dietary trend in indian society. there has also been central asian influence on north indian cuisine from the years of mughal rule. indian cuisine has been and is still evolving, as a result of the nation's cultural interactions with other societies.


Aloo = Potato
Aṇḍā,अंडा = Egg
Chana = chickpeas
Dal = Lentil
Ḍēyarī, डेयरी = Dairy
Gobi = cauliflower
Gosht = Meat
Hanī, हनी = Honey
keema, qeema = Minced meat
Masala = Mixture of spices ground into a paste or powder
Manasā = Meat, मनसा
Mattar-Rudhrapur = Green Peas
Palak = Spinach
Paneer, Panīra, पनीर = Paneer cheese, fresh cheese
Pōlṭrī, पोल्ट्री = Poultry
Rajma = red kidney beans
Saag = Spinach
Samudrī bhōjana = Seafood, समुद्री भोजन
Tikki = cutlet or croquette
Urad = black lentil

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Butter Chicken

(2 ) Murgh Makhani (Indian)

classic staple of Indian Cuisine, readily available both in its country of origin and abroad in many Indian restaurants. The ...

Chilli Paneer

(1 ) chilli cottage ch... (Indian) (Indian-Chinese)

This paneer chilli recipe is basically a stir fry of deep fried cottage cheese cubes with green capsicum, chillies, onion, ...

Chicken Biryani

(1 ) Biriyani, Biriani... (Indian)

Biryani is a mixed rice dish from the Indian Subcontinent. It is made with spices, rice and meat or vegetables.

Tandoori Chicken

(1 ) Tandoori Murghi (Indian)

Tandoori chicken gets its name from the bell-shaped tandoor clay oven. Skinless legs and thighs are marinated in a tenderizing ...

Achari Chicken

(1 ) achaari, achaar, ... (Indian)

Achari means pickle. Basically, this is a chicken dish that is made with all the spices one would normally use ...

Chole Bhature

(1 ) Bhatura chana, po... (Indian)

Chole Bhature is a combination of chana masala (spicy chick peas) and fried bread called bhatoora (made of maida flour) ...


(1 ) mog mog, dumpling (Indian) (Nepalese) (-Tibetan-)

Momo is a type of steamed bun with some form of filling. Momo has become a traditional delicacy in Nepal, ...

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