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Bolivian cuisine is very varied and stems from the combination of Spanish cuisine with Indigenous ingredients and Aymara traditions among others, with later influences from Argentinians, Germans, Italians, Basques, Russians, Poles, and Arabs due to the arrival of immigrants from those countries. The three traditional staples of Bolivian cuisine are corn, potatoes, and beans. These ingredients have been combined with a number of staples brought by the Spanish, such as rice, wheat, and meat, including beef, pork, and chicken.

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Pastel De Choclo

(1 ) (American) (Argentine) (Bolivian)

Pastel De Choclo is a South American dish based on sweetcorn or choclo. First documented as a dish in Chile, ...


(1 ) (Bolivian)

Typical, popular Bolivian food from the city of Cochabamba. When prepared properly, this tends to be a large and filling ...


(1 ) Salteñas (Bolivian)

A salteña is a type of Bolivian baked empanada. Salteñas are savory pastries filled with beef, pork or chicken mixed ...

Pique Macho

(1 ) Pique A Lo Macho (Bolivian)

Typical Bolivian food. It is a heaped plate consisting of bite-sized pieces of beef, and french fry-cut potatoes. Added to ...

Papa Rellena

(0 ) Stuffed Potatoes (Bolivian) (Peruvian)

Papa Rellena is a traditional croquette filled with a spicy ground beef mixture. Ground beef is stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, ...

Sopa De Mani

(0 ) Peanut Soup (Bolivian)

This hearty and flavoursome yet economical soup is traditionally from Cochabamba, Bolivia. It is typically made with beef ribs or ...

Dulce De Leche

(0 ) Manjar (Argentine) (Bolivian) (Colombian)

Dulce de leche is a confection prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a substance that derives its taste ...

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