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Tamales are cooked in many different countries. There can be small variations in cooking techniques and spices used. Here is a list of Tamales in cuisines around the world.

1. Tamal

Tamales (Peruvian)

Tamal is a traditional dish where banana leaf-wrapped corn dough is filed with chicken, peppers, cheese or a variety of other fillings.

One of the most traditional dishes of Peruvian cuisine, people enjoy them for Sunday breakfast served with salsa criolla and crispy french bread rolls. Moist, slightly spicy, and with an exotic flavor provided by the banana leave wrapping; stuffed traditionally with pork or chicken. Try them you will love them!

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2. Tamal

(Costa Rican)

Tamal is a Costa Rican's traditional dish.

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3. Tamal De Olla


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4. Tamales

(Colombian) (Costa Rican)

There are many variations of tamales in Colombia, but they all have something in common and that is that Colombian Tamales are all wrapped in banana leaves

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5. Tamales

Tamal (Mexican)

Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish made of a corn based dough mixture filled with a type of meats or beans and cheese. Tamales are wrapped and cooked in corn husks or banana leaves, but they are removed from the husks before eating. Mexicans served them with pico de gallo on top and a side of guacamole and rice.

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6. Tamal Panameño

This is a very rich recipe based on a mass of corn stuffed with chicken, chicken or pork.

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7. Guatemalan Tamales


Guatemalan Tamales is a special kind of dish from Guatemala. It has different variation. Guatemala version of Tamale is generally bigger than others. Guatemalan tamale dough is made with maize, which is wrapped and cooked in a large maxan leaf or a corn husk.

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8. Tamales Colorados


Tamales Colorados is a Guatemalan dish. The colour of this tamale is basically red. These red tamales are the most common variety. The achiote spice gives tamales Colorados its famous red colour. The stuffing includes red peppers, olives and diced meat and tomato-based sauce.

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9. Tamales Negros


Tamales Negros is a black tamale which is a sweet version of Guatemalan food. Instead of the savoury flavour, it is a unique taste as it’s filled with chocolate, raisins and nuts. There are also other versions of tamales negros made with dark corn and stuffed with chicken and a savoury chocolate mole sauce.

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10. Tamales De Elote

Uchepos (Guatemalan)

Tamales de Elote is Guatemalan dish that is similar to Tamale Negros. It is slightly sweet tamales that vary from the rest of the tamales in the country.The dough is made with sweet corn. And the stuffing is made of cream, cheese, raisins and vanilla essence.

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11. Tamales


Salvadorian tamales are made in banana or plantain leaves, and the masa (cornmeal) is often seasoned with chicken stock or bouillon. The dough is usually made from dent corn, not sweet corn and the tamal is not spicy like tamales in other countries.

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