Costa Rican Cuisine

(Costa Rica)

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Costa Rican cuisine is known for being fairly mild, with high reliance on fresh fruits and vegetables. Rice and black beans are a staple of most traditional Costa Rican meals, often served three times a day.

Costa Rican fare is nutritionally well rounded, and nearly always cooked from scratch from fresh ingredients. Traditional meals have a home-cooked, comforting feel to them. Due to the tropical location of the country, there are many exotic fruits and vegetables readily available and included in the local cuisine.

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(1 ) Gallopinto (Costa Rican)
Traditional dish of Nicaragua and Costa Rica made with rice and beans. The history of Gallo Pinto is not well …
Flan is a baked custard quite similar to crème caramel. It is typically made with eggs, cream or milk, gelatin …
Sopa Negra is a Costa Rican's typical traditional soup.
Olla De Carne is a traditional delicious Costa Rican dish.
Chifrijo is a delicious and traditional Costa Rican's dish.
Ceviche is a national dish of Costa Rican.
Tamal is a Costa Rican's traditional dish.
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