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Panamanian cuisine is a mix of African, Spanish, and Native American techniques, dishes, and ingredients, reflecting its diverse population. Since Panama is a land bridge between two continents, it has a large variety of tropical fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are used in native cooking. Typical Panamanian foods are mildly flavored, without the pungency of some of Panama's Latin American and Caribbean neighbors. Common ingredients are maize, rice, wheat flour, plantains, yuca (cassava), beef, chicken, pork, and seafood.

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(0 ) Raisin Bread Pudding (Panamanian)
This is a dessert made with sugar, egg, bread, butter, salt, vanilla extract.
Yuca Al Moho is a very popular side dish, very savoury with tons of citrus. Great for breakfast or dinner. …
(0 ) Hibiscus Limeade (Panamanian)
The refreshing Chicha de Saril, Raspadura, Hibiscus flowers, lime juice, cinnamon and ginger, wonderful for a hot day, or as …
Chicheme is a traditional sweet drink spot to Panama made with corn, sugar, cinnamon sticks, condensed milk, coconut milk.
(0 ) Empanadas De Plátan… (Panamanian)
This recipe is my version of the ripe banana empanadas, with a dough stuffed with cheese and guava, or beans, …
(0 ) Pickled Pigs Trotte… (Panamanian)
This dish is made with pig trotters, onion, cloves garlic, vinegar, bay leaf .
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Panama is working towards turning itself from not only the Hub of the Americas, but into the Food Hub of the Americas. Panamanians Take Pride in Creating Flavor With The most simple Ingredients.


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Can find nearly every type of dish in Panama. There are Brazilian, Argentinian, Japanese, Mexican, Venezuelan, Colombian, Peruvian, Indian specialized venues, and even your classic style U.S. diners. Panama by itself has a world of different (and extremely affordable) dishes, drinks, and sweets, making this list as difficult to put together as you could imagine.