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05:00AM September 29, 2014 - by: photofood

Corned beef Hash


In many locations, hash is served primarily as a breakfast food on restaurant menus and as home cuisine, often served with eggs and toast (or biscuits), and occasionally fried potatoes (hash browns, home fries, etc.). The dish may also use corned beef or roast beef. ...

05:00AM September 29, 2014 - by: photofood

Crispy pata


Not for the easily spooked, this pork knuckle is simmered, drained and deep fried until crisp. The meat is tender and juicy inside, with a crisp, crackling exterior. Served with vinegar, soy sauce and chili. If you have a craving for this at any time, ...

05:00AM September 27, 2014 - by: paola

Chocolate cake


05:00AM September 26, 2014 - by: foodmaster


Osso buco


Ossobuco is a Milanese speciality of cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth. It is often garnished with gremolata and traditionally served with risotto alla milanese. There are two types of ossobuco: a modern version that has tomatoes and the original version ...

05:00AM September 24, 2014 - by: photofood

Mu shu pork

Moo shu pork, moo shi pork,...


Dish of northern Chinese origin, possibly originating from Shandong. It is believed to have first appeared on the menus of Chinese restaurants in the United States in the late 1960s, and is also a staple of American Chinese cuisine.

05:00AM September 24, 2014 - by: foodmaster



Seasoned rice and chicken or hen cooked in banana leaf

05:00AM September 24, 2014 - by: foodmaster

Empanada De Carne