meat, bread

Schnitzel means in general all types of breaded, fried flat pieces of thin-sliced meat.

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Milanesa (Peruvian)
The milanesa is a South American variation of an Italian dish where generic types of breaded meat fillet preparations are …

Chicken Tenders

Chicken fingers, chicken … (American)
Common snack and kid friendly dish made by beep frying breaded trips of chicken white meat. it is similar to …

Vyprážaný Rezeň

Pork Schnitzel, Wiener Sc… (Slovak)
Vyprážaný rezeň is a very common dish in Slovakia made of fried breaded pork cutlets

Wiener Schnitzel

It is made with the finest ingredients and served fresh, this simple dish of pounded veal cutlets breaded and lightly …

Tonkatsu 豚カツ, とんかつ, トンカツ, Crispy D… (Japanese)
Tonkatsu, is a Japanese food which consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. There are two main types, hire and …

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