The milanesa is a South American variation of an Italian dish where generic types of breaded meat fillet preparations are known as a milanesa. Wikipedia

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Milanesa De Pollo

Milanesa De Pollo is a typical classic dish of Peru region. This Chicken Milanesa dish is a staple among several …

Milanesa De Carne

(-Latin American-)
Popular throughout Latin America, milanesas are very thin cutlets (typically beef or chicken) that are breaded and fried, Italian-style.

Locro De Zapallo Con Milanesa

Locro Con Milanesa (Peruvian)
The dish "locro de zapallo" (squash stew with potatoes) is normally accompanied by milanesa

Schnitzel (English)
Schnitzel means in general all types of breaded, fried flat pieces of thin-sliced meat.