Croatian Cuisine



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Bajadera is a praline from nougat which is enriched with almond, hazelnuts from the species of Corylus avellana or walnuts from the Juglans species which gives it a specific and recognizable taste.

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Boskarin is a special food of Croatia. Boskarin is served at top restaurants and konobas.

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Brodet, Brodeto

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Brudet is a fish stew made in Croatian regions of Dalmatia, Kvarner and Istria, as well as along the coast of Montenegro. It consists of several types of fish, and the most important aspect of brudet is its simplicity of preparation and the fact that ...

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Crni Rizot

Black Risotto, Crni Rižot

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Black risotto this is made with cuttlefish or squid, olive oil, garlic, red wine and squid ink, which gives an intense seafood flavor and black color. Popular all along Croatia’s coastline, this dish will turn your mouth and teeth black.

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Croatia vs Iceland

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(Croatian) (Icelandic)

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(Croatian) (Slovenian)

Fritaja is a Mediterranean Croatian and Slovenian dish. They are especially common in the springtime, as at that time there are many plants and vegetables such as wild asparagus, wild hops, herbs as fennel, mint, feverfew and chicory, tomatoes, young garlic sprouts and spices available ...

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Fritule is a festive Croatian pastry made particularly for Christmas. They resemble little doughnuts, the Italian zeppole, Venetian fritole, and the Dutch Christmas snack oliebollen balls of oil. However, they are usually flavored with rum and citrus zest, containing raisins, and are topped with powdered ...

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Fuzi And Pljukanci

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Fuzi is quill-shaped homemade pasta made with wrapping each piece around the handle of a wooden spoon. It is often served with a truffle cream sauce or mild red sauces including beef, boskarin, chicken, rooster or wild game.

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Istrian Stew


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Istrian Stew is a stew, made of beans, sauerkraut or sour turnip, potatoes, bacon, spare ribs, known in the northern Adriatic region. Istrian stew is a national dish of Croatia.

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(Croatian) (Serbian)

Kulen is a type of flavoured sausage made of minced pork that is traditionally produced in Croatia and Serbia. The meat is low-fat, rather brittle and dense, and the flavour is spicy with the hot red paprika bringing it aroma and colour, and garlic for ...

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(Croatian) (Serbian) (Slovenian)

Mlinci is a dish in Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian cuisine. Mlinci is a thin dried flatbread that is easy to prepare by simply pouring boiled salted water or soup over the mlinci. To prepare homemade mlinci, a dough is made of flour, salt, and water, ...

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Dalmatinska Pasticada, Pašt...

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Pasticada is a stewed beef dish cooked in special sauce, popular in Croatia. It is often called Dalmatinska pašticada because it originates in Dalmatia.

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(Bosnia And Herzegovina) (Croatian) (Montenegrin) (Serbian) (Slovenian)

Pasulj is a bean soup made of usually white, cranberry or pinto beans, and more rarely kidney beans, that is common in Serbian, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Croatian and Slovenian cuisine

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Sirnica, Pinza

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(Croatian) (Italian) (Slovenian)

It is an Easter sweet roll. It is popular in the Goriška region of Slovenia, the Slovenian Littoral, western Croatia and in parts of the Province of Trieste and Gorizia of Italy. It is a sweet bread loaf with the sign of a cross, which ...

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(Bosnia And Herzegovina) (Bulgarian) (Croatian) (Serbian) (Slovenian)

Proja is a Balkan dish made of corn flour, baking powder, sunflower oil, sparkling water and salt. Proha is an alternative name used in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Rapska Torta

Rab Cake

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Rapska torta is a traditional Croatian cake which originates from the Adriatic island of Rab. Its main ingredients are almonds and Maraschino liqueur and it is traditionally baked in the shape of a spiral, although today several shapes are popular.

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(Austrian) (Croatian) (German-Bavarian) (Slovenian)

Ricet is a traditional Slovenian, Croatian, Austrian and Bavarian dish. Ricet is a thick soup. It contains pot barley, beans, potatoes, carrots, parsley, celery, leeks, tomatoes, onions, and garlic. There is typically a substantial amount of cured pork in it.

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Ruske Kape

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(Balkans) (Bosnia And Herzegovina) (Croatian) (Serbian)

Ruske Kape is a type of cake dessert served in Balkan countries, especially in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia made with Coconut, chocolate.

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Uštipci, Miške

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(Bosnia And Herzegovina) (Croatian) (Macedonian) (Serbian) (Slovenian)

It doughnut-like fried dough balls popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia where they are known as "miške".

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Zagorski Strukli

Zagorski Štrukli

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Zagorski Strukli is a popular traditional Croatian dish served in households across Hrvatsko Zagorje and Zagreb regions in the north of the country, composed of dough and various types of filling which can be either cooked or baked. Zagorski Strukli is a mixture of cottage ...

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