Caucasian Cuisine


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It is one of Iranian, Azerbaijani, Caucasian, and Turkish cuisine is a thick soup/stew, which is usually served hot.

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A national dish of the Crimean Tatars and traditional for the Caucasian and Turkic peoples, it is also popular as snack and street food. It is made with a single round piece of dough folded over the filling …

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Chicken Tapaka

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Chicken tabaka is a traditional Georgian dish of a pan-fried chicken which is also popular in other Caucasian cuisines. It also became a common restaurant dish in the Soviet cuisine and is found nowadays in many restaurants throughout …

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Eggplant Rolls is a very popular dish in Caucasian. In the Caucasus, no festive table cannot do without it. Eggplant rolls are also made with a variety of fillings.

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Khash is one of the oldest Caucasian dish made with beef legs, tripe, garlic, heads radish, parsley greens, basil leaves, tarragon grape vinegar.

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Kofta is a family of meatball or meatloaf dishes found in the Indian subcontinent, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Central Asian cuisines. In the simplest form, koftas consist of balls of minced or ground meat—usually beef, chicken, lamb, …

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Pastirma is a traditional dish of Caucasian. A national dish of the Crimean Tatars and traditional for the Caucasian and Turkic. Pastime is one of the oldest Caucasian dishes.

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Pies Fried Samosa is a National Dish Of Caucasian Cuisine made with flour, cornstarch, cumin seeds, oil, water, salt and with pies filings.

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Sorpa is spicy meat soup with a large variety of recipes.Usually it is made with fried meat.

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Sujuk traditionally stars with a dry, spicy sausage which is eaten from the Balkans to the Middle East and Central Asia.

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