Bolivian Cuisine


Fideos uchu

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Aji de Fideos is a traditional noodle dish from Bolivia originally from Cochabamba. Penne noodles are toasted and incorporated to a cooked mix of meat, onions, tomato, oregano, and potatoes.

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Aji de papa lisa, aji de olluco

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Stew made of ollocus, potatoes and beef

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In Bolivia, anticuchos are made with heart meat (commonly beef or chicken), accompanied with roast potatoes and a type of peanut sauce.

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Api is a creamy sweet warm Bolivian beverage made from corn and spiced with cinnamon, cloves, and orange zest. Api is normally served for breakfast and sold as street food accompanied by buñuelos.

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Buñuelos is a deep-fried dough sold mostly sold as street food in Bolivia normally accompanied of a beverage called Api

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Chairo Paceño

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A traditional Bolivian lunch begins with a hearty and nutritious soup such as sopa de maní (peanut soup) or chairo paceño, the signature dish of highland La Paz. More like a thick stew, chairo (which comes from the …

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Chancaca is a typical Peruvian, Bolivian, and Chilean warm, sweet sauce made of raw unrefined sugar from sugarcane. It is often flavored with orange peel and cinnamon and is consumed on sopaipillas or picarones. In Colombia, chancacas are …

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Charque (jerky) is a word used for salted meat that is dehydrated with exposure to the sun. It is an ancestral technique that makes it possible to preserve meat for long periods of time. http://info.handicraft-bolivia.…

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choripán, choripanes

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Choripan is a type of sandwich filled with chorizo. You will most likely find Bolivians eating Choripan as an appetizer during the preparation of a BBQ or at a local sporting event.…

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Baked Cuñapé is a Bolivian cheese bread normally served for tea time and also sold as street food.

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Dulce de leche is a confection prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a substance that derives its taste from the Maillard reaction, changing flavour and colour. Literally translated, it means "candy [made] of milk" or "sweet …

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Fried Bolivian Emapanadas

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It can be best described as a tasty sort of pasty, which come filled with a variety of fillings including meat, diced veggies, boiled egg and a spicy sauce. Vegetable tucumanas are a great choice for vegetarians and …

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It is made with beef just like for a Milanesa even covered with bread crumbs then is covered with the”ahogado” sauce. The dish really doesn’t look or taste like rabbit meat. You can use any type of ground …

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Fricasé, Spicy Pork Meat Stew

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Fricassee (free-ca-ze) is typical dish from LaPaz-Bolivia. Bolivian culture dishes are usually spicy and contain vegetables common to the countries agriculture. Fricassee is a soup that everyone eats regardless of class or color .This soup is usually eaten …

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Granadilla is a roundish oval fruit with a shiny orange skin. The skin is hard and inedible but is easy to cut. The fruit contains a jelly-like pulp with black edible seeds. It can be easily cracked and …

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Hallulla is a popular bread in Chile and Bolivia. The hallulla is a flat round bread baked with vegetable (but sometimes also animal) shortening and is used for several traditional sandwiches.

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The Humita is one of the oldest Chilean dishes, though there are some similar preparations in the Peruvian and Ecuadorian cooking. They are the consequence of the abundance of corn during the summer plus a little ingenuity and …

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Llajua is a quick to make essential spicy Bolivian salsa. This famous spicy sauce features ground up tomato, onion and hot locoto, and Quillquiña (green similar to cilantro) making it a welcome addition to any Bolivian dish. Traditionally …

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Llauchas are Bolivian empanadas where the filling is cheese and it is served normally for breakfast mostly in the streets of La Paz

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A traditional dish from the departments of Santa Cruz and Beni, majadito is typically made from rice, dried meat (jerky), eggs and fried bananas. The great thing about majadito is that it’s easy to make and delicious to …

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