• Christmas Dishes Around The World

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Food eaten for Christmas around the world

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    1. Bremer Klaben (German)

    A type of Stollen from Bremen, Germany. This celebrated bread is famous in Northern Germany. that gained its fame as it is traditionally eaten during the Christmas season. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bremer_Klaben

    2. Rumtopf (German)

    Literally rum pot, a German and Danish dessert, traditionally eaten around Christmas. A mixture of various kinds of fruit, high-strength rum, often Stroh's (beer), and sugar is filled into a large stoneware ...

    3. Paneton (Peruvian)

    The loaf of fluffy cupola-shaped sweet yeast bread, usually baked with bits of candied fruits and raisins, originated in Milan in the early twentieth century and was brought to South American countries ...

    4. Natilla (Colombian)

    Natilla is a Colombian-style pudding. It is a sweet custard that is traditionally served during Colombian Christmas gatherings. There are many variations of this dish throughout the country.

    5. Bunuelo (Colombian) (Mexican)

    Are popular ball shaped fritters and eaten as a snack in many South American countries. The Colombian version is made with dough of curd of white cheese that get fried until golden ...