In WorldFood.Guide we are interested in traditional or well known dishes from different cuisines around the world. The following information is included with each dish: name, other names, ingredients, brief description and cuisine of origin.


Our approach to cuisine is regional, mostly from countries or groups of countries (ie, Latin, Middle Eastern, etc). Sometimes cuisines have sub-cuisines. For example, Chinese cuisine is different according to the region from which the dish comes from. So Chinese food can be labeled according to its region, ie, sub-cuisine, such as Chinese-Cantonese and Chinese-Sichuan. If creating a sub-cuisine, make sure to write the cuisine first followed by a dash and then the sub-cuisine.


The most common image formats can be uploaded. The system will not allow photos smaller than 800 pixels wide or high to be uploaded. The photos are automatically resized to 1200 pixels wide or high therefore it is recommended to upload photos no smaller than 1200 pixels wide or high. Photos taken with smartphones meet these standards. Basic edition features like cropping and rotating can be performed after uploading. Foodies can “like” photos and the photo with the most “likes” will show as the main photo of the dish. An additional 4 photos will show in the dish profile page.

Registered members, aka Foodies

We call our registered members “Foodies.” Why? Because if you enjoy taking photos of food, describing them, and uploading them... you are probably a foodie. Only registered members can own profiles, create cuisines or dishes, edit entries and upload photos, among other functions. Foodies make an important contribution by uploading photos and helping others select dishes they may have never tried before. You will be helping someone discover new dishes and expanding their palate.

Foodies create a profile and their photos will be linked to their profile.

Members play the most important role in spreading their foodie knowledge. WorldFood.Guide can only have as much information as their foofies members share. The role of Foodies in WorldFood.Guide is the most important since it depends on Foodies sharing and spreading their knowledge and photos of food. Without them, WorldFood.Guide would be limited in its usefullness to users.

Main Ingredients

In the dish profile we specify only main ingredients or spices, ie, you don’t need to include salt and pepper. The ingredients should be written in singular and separated by commas. The list of main ingredients will allow users to search and filter dishes by individual ingredients. Let’s say you are uploading the dish “chicken soup”. For main ingredients you would write “chicken, broth, noodles.”

Some dishes can have a different main ingredient. For example, Pad Thai can be made with chicken, beef or shrimp. In this case, three different dishes will be created with their own photo (chicken/beef/shrimp).

How To..

Sign Up

You can become a registered member (Foodie) by clicking the Sign Up button on the main menu or the link

Information to fill in the form:

  1. First Name (Required) You must include your first name for our database but you can choose to keep this information hidden from the public.

  2. Last Name: (Required) You must include your last name for our database but you can choose to keep this information hidden from the public.

  3. Username: (Required) Create a unique username which will be public and associated with your photos and information. Your username must be less than 30 characters and no blank spaces.

  4. Password: (Required) Any characters can be used.

  5. Repeat Password: (Required) Checks consistency of your password by reentering it.

  6. E-mail: (Required) A valid email for account administration actions like password reset. It can be also hidden to the public.

  7. Repeat Email: (Required) Checks consistency of your email by reentering it.

  8. About you: A brief description about yourself and any other information you want to share related to food. This is optional.

  9. Photo: (jpg formal, square shape) Your profile photo. Click the Choose File button and your device file manager and/or camera will let you either select a photo from your library or take a new picture.

  10. Show first and last name to the public: By default your name will be displayed to the public. Select No and you name will be hidden from the public.

  11. Show e-mail to the public: By default your email will be displayed to the public. Select No and your e-mail address will be hidden from the public. If you want to be contacted, make sure your email is displayed.

  12. Sign up!: Press the Sign Up button to complete the submission of your information.

Upload a dish photo (Registered users only)

A dish photo can be uploaded anytime from the main menu (Add - New Dish / Photo), anywhere you see the Upload Photo icon , Upload Photo button or the link

Photos belong to dishes so before uploading a photo, the dish has to exist. Do a search for the dish, and if it exists, continue with the steps below. If it does not exist, then create the dish first (by following the steps in paragraph 3) and then follow the steps below.

Information to fill in the form:

  1. Select Dish (Required): Dish associated with the photo to be uploaded
  2. Choose File (Required): When you click the buttonChoose File your device file manager and/or camera will let you either select a photo from your library or take a new picture. If done correctly, the name of your file will appear next to the Choose File button: Choose File WorldFood.Guide will automtically rename the file to the name of the dish (due to the search function).

  3. Location, source, comments: (Optional)

    Here you may add information about the photo:

    • Location: If the photo was taken in a restaurant, you may include the name of the restaurant in the following format: Restaurant Name, City, State.
    • Source: If the photo doesn’t belong to you then you must include the source.
    • Comments: You may add any additional important information about the photo.

  4. Save: Press the New Cuisine button to upload the photo and information. It make take a few seconds depending on your device connection. After the system successfully uploads the photo, your dish photo page will automatically open. From this page you can edit or delete the information/photo at any time in the future.

You can always come back and edit in the future if necessary.

Create a new Dish (Registered users only)

A dish can be created anytime from the main menu (Add new \ New Dish), from any New Cuisine button or the link

Information to fill in the form:

  1. Name (Required): Write it in singular and only the use of alphanumeric characters, blank spaces and - are allowed. Sometimes there are variations of the dishes based on the used of a different main ingredient like Pad Thai, Chicken Pad Thai and Beef Pad Thai, in this case 3 different dishes should be created. The original foreign name can be used as long as it can be written using alphanumeric characters.

  2. Other Names: (Separated by commas)

  3. Main ingredients: (separated by commas) Use plural for countable nouns e.g "tomatoes, onions, eggs" unless they are spices, condiments or uncountable nouns e.g. "rice, basil, milk". Only main ingredients that define the dish, not all the ingredients.

  4. Description: Brief description about the dish focused on the preparation and taste of the dish. The description can be extensive, containing additional history of the dish and any other important information but since the first 40 words will show as the preview in searches, it is suggested to include in the first paragraph information that provides a brief idea of the dish.

  5. Cuisines: This a multi-selection option, since a dish may belong to one or more cuisines. If the dish belongs to a specific sub-cuisine like for example the Chinese-Cantonese cuisine please select also the chinese cuisine: (Chinese) and (Chinese-Cantonese)

  6. Save: If there is one or more dishes with the same or similar names already in the system. A list of similarities will show up, at this point your dish hasn't been saved yet. If you still want to save your dish, press New Cuisine one more time. After the system have successfully saved your information.

You can always come back and edit in the future if necessary.

Create a new Cuisine (Registered users only)

You can create a new cuisines straight from the main menu (Add New \ New Cuisine) from any New Cuisine button or the link

Information to fill in the form:

  1. Name : (Required, Only alphanumeric characters) Use ampersand ”-” for sub cuisines like Chinese-Cantonese. The world cuisine doesn’t need to be added.

  2. Other Names: Separated by commas

  3. Description: Brief description of the cuisine. Also small list of common ingredients translations like for example in the Thai cuisine:

    Gai = Chicken
    Kai = Egg
    khing = Ginger
    Larb = Salad

  4. Save: The cuisine names are unique so you won’t be able to create a cuisine that already exist. A message will appear if the cuisine already exist.
    press New Cuisine to complete the submission of your information.

You can always come back and edit in the future if necessary.