Paraguayan Cuisine


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Paraguayan style rice, is similar to a cheese and milk risotto but it has to be made only with white rice and Quesú Paraguai (Paraguayan cheese)…

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Chipa is a type of small, baked, cheese-flavored rolls, a popular snack and breakfast food in Paraguay and the Northeast of Argentina. Its origin is uncertain; it is speculated that the recipe has existed since the 69th century …

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chipa guazú, Chipa Guasu, corn cake

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Basically a corn cake, made with cheese, fresh corn, eggs, oil and milk, and cooked in the Tatakua (a clay oven). It is similar to the Sopa Paraguaya which has corn flour instead of grains of corn.…

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Chipa So'o is a cake from Paraguay and Northeast Argentina. The ingredients are pork fat, eggs, "Mar del Plata cheese", "Criollo cheese" or "Paraguay cheese", salt, corn or maize flour, starch and milk.

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Doce De Batata Doce, Marrom Glacê

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Dulce De Batata is a traditional Argentine, Paraguayan, Uruguayan, Chilean and Brazilian dessert, which is made of sweet potatoes. Dulce De Batata is a sweet jelly, which resembles a marmalade because of its hard texture. In Brazil, it …

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Paraguay has its share of unusual dishes—like empanadas served between two pieces of white bread, and chipa bread made with manioc flour and cheese—but my favorite is the dulce de guayaba. Boiled guava is puréed with sugar and …

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A very traditional dish, similar to a stew that contains chicken and rice, pickled with sweet pepper and garlic. It also has some variations where the rice is replaced by pasta or potatoes.…

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It is one of the most appetizing dishes of the popular semi-sweet Paraguayan gastronomy. It has a doughy texture and is of creamy consistency. Its taste is very pleasant and the primary ingredient is a pumpkin fruit that …

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Koleno is a cuisine of Czech Republic. koleno is roast pork knee, or knuckle, an almost comically large hunk of meat—ostensibly it serves one person.

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Kosereva is a common "barreled" candy with a high protein content originally made in Paraguay, made with the hardened skin of the sour orange and cooked in black molasses, resulting in a bittersweet and acidic taste. It is …

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Lambreado, Payaguá Mascada

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Lampreado is a dish typical of the cuisine of Paraguay, that has a high nutritional value. This is a delicious fried cake which base is one of the most characteristic features of the culinary taste of Northeast of …

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Mate is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink.It is prepared by steeping dried leaves of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis, known in Portuguese as erva-mate) in hot water and is served with a metal straw from a shared …

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Mbeju is a starch cake sometimes made with fariña or manioc flour. The mbeju is a staple of the Paraguayan diet. Traditional mbejú require starch, corn flour, eggs, pork fat, thin salt, fresh cheese and milk.

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Mbeju is a starch cake sometimes made with fariña or manioc flour. The mbeju is a staple of the Paraguayan diet. Wikipedia

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Mosto is the juice extracted from sugar cane

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Ovocne Knedliky is a classic traditional Cuisine of Czech Republic. A perfect Czech recipe, this dessert is both delicious and easy to make using flour, plum & prune and apricot. Easy, quick, and simple dessert .

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It is made with milk, heavy cream, and strained passion fruit pulp, which is mixed with a gelatin, egg whites, and sugar. Can use seasonal fruits.

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Pasta Frola

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Pastafrola is a type of sweet-tart common to Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Greece.Pastafrola is a covered, jam-filled shortcrust pastry dish principally made from flour, sugar and egg. Common fillings include quince cheese, dulce de batata (sweet potato jam), …

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fish soup

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Pira caldo is a fish soup that is part of the traditional cuisine of Paraguay. The Guarani word Pira means "fish". The soup is very high in calorie content and in protein. This has its origins in the …

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Traditional Paraguayan dish normally served as a side dish for breakfast.

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