Filipino Cuisine


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Binatog is a popular Philippine snack sold by vendors who roam the streets with their wooden carts. It consists of boiled corn topped with shredded coconut. This is made by soaking mature white corn in water and salt …

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giná-tan, tinunuan, alpahor, ginettaán, g…

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Filipino dessert or snack which is popular during semana santa (Holy Week) because Filipinos believe they have to fast or abstain from all or some kinds of food that has meat during holy week ,so instead of having …

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Biskoto, Biscocho Duro, Machacao, Matsaka…

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Biscocho, also spelled biskotso , refers to various types of Filipino twice-baked bread, usually coated with butter and sugar, or garlic in some cases. Biscocho is most strongly associated with the versions from the province of Iloilo, although …

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Filipino Beef Steak

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Bistek is the Filipino version of beefsteak. It has to be marinated with soy sauce,garlic, sugar, lime juice or calamansi juice to make the meat tender. It is not a complicate dish because you just have to marinate …

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Bukayo is a very sweet Filipino dessert made from coconuts. It is made by simmering strips of young, gelatinous coconut (buko) in water and then mixing with white or brown sugar. It can also be used as garnishing …

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Buko pie is a traditional Filipino baked young-coconut custard pie. It is considered a specialty in the city of Los Baños, Laguna located on the island of Luzon.…

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Buko salad, the star dessert of any Filipino table, Christmas or any other special occasions.

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nilagang baka

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Bulalô is a beef dish from the Philippines. It is a light colored soup that is made by cooking beef shanks and marrow bones until the collagen and fat has melted into the clear broth. Bulalo is native …

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Filipino Chaolong soup with pork bones

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Fried prawn,camaron, pritong ulang

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Camaron rebosado is a deep-fried battered shrimp dish in Philippine cuisine typically served with sweet and sour sauce. It is similar to Japanese tempura, although tempura uses a lighter batter. It is a staple food in Philippine cuisine. …

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Turon or deep-fried banana rolls is a typical Filipino meryenda and dessert. This can usually be seen on the streets being peddled along with banana-que.

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Tinughong, tsampurado

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Made from rice porridge with cocoa powder, sugar, evaporated and condense milk. It is usually served as breakfast and snack in the Philippines.

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Chicharon Bulaklak or deep-fried ruffled fat is a popular Filipino appetizer. It is often consumed with alcoholic drinks and is best eaten when dipped in spicy vinegar. Chicharon bulaklak is at its best form right after frying when …

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A ubiquitous dish in every household in the Philippines, it's Mexican in origin, but Filipinos found that cooking meat (often chicken and pork) in vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and other spices, was a practical way to …

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Chicken Stew

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Chicken stew. Why it’s awesome: Spanish influences can be found throughout Filipino cuisine, and this tomato-based stew with chicken, peppers, and onions is one of the heartiest examples.…

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Binakol na Manok

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Chicken soup popular in Visayas Region specially in Iloilo. This is similar to tinolang manok, instead of regular water coconut water is used and coconut meat. This simple Filipino dish is traditionally cooked inside the bamboo and they …

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ginataang manok

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Chicken halang-halang is a Filipino chicken dish that is spicy. The word visayan word halang means spicy, some regions in the Philippines dont usually use coconut milk when making the dish but it adds a nice and tasty …

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Yes, it's grilled chicken. But in Bacolod, this is no ordinary grilled chicken. The meat is marinated in lemongrass, calamansi, salt, pepper and garlic and brushed with achuete (annatto seeds) oil. Every part of the chicken is grilled …

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This popular Ilonggo dish is loved all over the Philippines.Chicken marinated in a mixture of lime, pepper, vinegar and annato then grilled over hot coals while basted with the marinade. It is served with rice, vinegar (Sinamak or …

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