European Cuisine


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It is Traditionally a European cuisine.It is a traditional sweet crisp pastry made out of dough that has been shaped into thin twisted ribbons, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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Bacon Soup is a soup made with bacon. Generally, a number of vegetables are added and often a thickening agent such as pearl barley, lentils or corn flour.Many variations exist, which may incorporate primary ingredients such as cabbage,beans, …

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Sheet Cake

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It is made quickly and easily. Usually, simple batter, yeast dough or shortcrust dough is used as the base.

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It resembles a hot dog, consisting mainly of a Bratwurst sausage, onions and a blend of mustard and/or tomato ketchup and curry powder. Bosna is made with white bread and is usually grilled briefly before serving

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Breaded Cutlet is a dish made from coating a cutlet of meat with breading or batter and either frying or baking it.

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Brittle is a type of confection consisting of flat broken pieces of hard sugar candy embedded with nuts such as pecans, almonds, or peanuts.

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Bublik is a traditional Central and Eastern European bread roll. It is very similar to a bagel, but somewhat bigger and has a wider hole. Bubliks often also have a much denser and 'chewier' texture than bagels

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Buchteln is a sweet roll made of yeast dough, filled with jam, ground poppy seeds or curd and baked in a large pan so that they stick together. Buchteln are served mostly as a dessert but can also …

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Salt and citrus cured salmon popular in Scandinavian cuisine and also a popular deli item to serve on fresh bagels and cream cheese

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Sugar Almonds, Jordan Almonds

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Comfit is a confectionery consisting of dried fruits, nuts, seeds or spices coated with sugar candy, often through sugar panning. It is served as a traditional gift at baptism and wedding celebrations in many countries of Europe and …

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Chicha De Coyol

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Coyol Wine is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from the sap of coyol palms.

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Kremna Rezina, Kremšnita, Krémeš, Krempita

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Cremeschnitte is a chantilly and custard cream cake dessert popular in several Central European countries. There are many regional variations, but they all include a puff pastry base and custard cream. The Cremeschnitten classic recipe is based on …

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Dundee Cake is a famous traditional Scottish fruit cake with a rich flavour.The cake is often made with currants, sultanas and almonds; sometimes, fruit peel may be added to it.

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Quick Puff Pastry, Blitz Puff Pastry

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Flaky Pastry is a light and flaky unleavened pastry that is similar to, but distinct from, puff pastry. Flaky pastry relies on large lumps of shortening (approximately 1 in or 2.5 cm across) mixed into the dough, as …

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French Pastries are made with flour, sugar, egg yolk, butter, milk.

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Frumentee, Furmity, Fromity, Fermenty

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Frumenty is a popular dish in Western Europe. It was made primarily from boiled, cracked wheat including milk, eggs, broth. Also can be other recipes include almonds, currants, sugar, saffron and orange flower water.

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Găluște Cu Prune, Plum Dumplings

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It is an easy dessert made with plum and potato. It is a kind of traditional dessert in Central and Eastern Europe made from potatoes, flour, eggs, breadcrumbs, cinnamon, and plums.

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Stuffed cabbage,Cabbage roll,go-lub-tzy

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Golubtsy is a Russian dish as well as European cuisine.This name usually refers to ground beef mixed with boiled rice or buckwheat wrapped in cabbage leaves.

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Headcheese, Brawn

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Head cheese or brawn is a cold cut that originated in Europe. A version pickled with vinegar is known as souse. Head cheese is not a dairy cheese, but a terrine or meat jelly often made with flesh …

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Hot Cocoa

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Hot Chocolate is a heated beverage consisting of shaved chocolate, melted chocolate or cocoa powder, heated milk or water, and usually a sweetener.

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