Chilean Cuisine


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Curanto is a traditional food of Chiloé Archipelago that has spread to the southern areas of Chile and Argentina, whose remains dated back about 11,525 ± 90 uncalibrated years before present. It consists of seafood, meat, potatoes and …

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Doce De Batata Doce, Marrom Glacê

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Dulce De Batata is a traditional Argentine, Paraguayan, Uruguayan, Chilean and Brazilian dessert, which is made of sweet potatoes. Dulce De Batata is a sweet jelly, which resembles a marmalade because of its hard texture. In Brazil, it …

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In Chile, the most traditional empanada filling is called "pino". Pino is a seasoned mixture of ground beef, onions, raisins, black olives, and hard boiled eggs. http://southamericanfood.about.…

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Shrimps in garlic

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The gamba shrimp comes from Spain, however the Chilean way of preparation transformed it. It is not a well-known dish and it is served only in some selected places. It consists of shrimp tails baked in oil, garlic …

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Hallulla is a popular bread in Chile and Bolivia. The hallulla is a flat round bread baked with vegetable (but sometimes also animal) shortening and is used for several traditional sandwiches.

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Humitas in Chile are prepared with fresh corn, onion, basil, and butter or lard. They are wrapped in corn husks and baked or boiled. They may contain ají verde (green chili pepper). The humitas are kept together during …

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The Humita is one of the oldest Chilean dishes, though there are some similar preparations in the Peruvian and Ecuadorian cooking. They are the consequence of the abundance of corn during the summer plus a little ingenuity and …

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Sausages from Chillán

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Although they are prepared in many places in the Center and South of Chile, no doubt the most traditional ones come from Chillán. Made of pig meat pulp, oregano, garlic, paprika and vinegar, everything is ground together and …

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It has a bit of “powdery” texture when fresh, but when used in dishes its heavenly sweet and tasty. The lúcuma (Pouteria lucuma) is a subtropical fruit native to Peru, Chile and Equador. Known as the Gold of …

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Parmesan Machas

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Dish made with the macha. This is a saltwater clam, a bivalve that is native to Chile. This bivalve is known scientifically as Mesodesma donacium and in English is called either the pink clam, or the surf clam. …

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Manjar blanco is a custard made from milk, vanilla bean and sugar, simmered until thick, rich and absolutely divine! Manjar Blanco is a traditional sweet enjoyed daily throughout South America – as a filling for pastries, the sweet …

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Staple Bread, Whipped Bread, French Bread

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Marraqueta is a crispy South American bread made with flour, salt, water, and yeast. This wheat bread has a crunchy texture, and is very popular in Chile, Brazil, the Andean region of Bolivia and Peru but can also …

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Mate is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink.It is prepared by steeping dried leaves of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis, known in Portuguese as erva-mate) in hot water and is served with a metal straw from a shared …

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Milcao is a traditional dish originating from the Chiloé Archipelago in Chile. The dish is a type of potato pancake prepared with raw grated potatoes and cooked mashed potatoes mixed with other ingredients. Wikipedia

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Traditional Chilean summer-time non-alcoholic drink made from wheat and peaches and often sold in street stands or vendor carts. It is a non-alcoholic beverage consisting of a sweet clear nectar like liquid made with dried peaches (huesillo) cooked …

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Palta reina is a typical Chilean starter made from avocado topped with chicken salad

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Chileans love their bread, and it is a common Chilean food. Chilean pan amasado is a classic kneaded bread that is relatively easy to make.

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White and washed out as a pantruca , like being for a year into the soup dish, this popular Chilean soup is made with dough cut in fine slices and then into squares cooked with meat in a …

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