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Kholodets, studen

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(Bulgarian) (Russian)

Aspic is a dish in which ingredients are set into a gelatin made from a meat stock or consommé. Non-savory dishes, often made with commercial gelatin mixes without stock or consommé, are usually called gelatin salads. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...

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Bulgarian breakfast and des...

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Banitsa is a traditional Bulgarian food in the börek family prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs and pieces of cheese between filo pastry and then baking it in an oven. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...

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Bob Chorba

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Bob Chorba is a national Bulgarian dish. Bob Chorba is a soup made from dry beans, onions, tomatoes, chubritza or dzhodzhen (spearmint) and carrots.

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Ćevapi, ćevapčići

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(Bosnia And Herzegovina) (Bulgarian) (Romanian) (Serbian)

Cevapi is a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of skinless sausage.

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(Bulgarian) (Romanian)

Cozonac is a traditional Romanian and Bulgarian sweet bread, which is a type of Stollen. It is usually prepared for Easter in Bulgaria.Cozonac is a sweet bread, into which milk, eggs, sugar, butter, and other ingredients are mixed together before baking.

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(Bulgarian) (Turkish)

Spicy vegetable stew, cooked in clay pot, Güveç dishes can be made in any type of oven-proof pan, but clay or earthenware pots are preferred of the heady, earthy aroma they impart to the stew. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...

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s a Bulgarian dish of grilled minced meat with spices. The meat is shaped into an elongated cylindrical form, similar to a hot dog. Typically, a mix of pork and beef is used, although some recipes involve only pork. The preferred spices are black pepper, ...

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Karavai, Kravai

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(Bulgarian) (Polish) (Romanian) (Russian) (Ukrainian)

Korovai is a traditional Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Polish bread.The bread has ancient origins and comes from the pagan belief in the magical properties of grain. Korovai was a large round braided bread, traditionally baked from wheat flour and decorated with symbolic flags and ...

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(Bulgarian) (Macedonian) (Serbian)

Ljutenica is a spicy vegetable relish or chutney in Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian cuisines. It is made with peppers, carrots, eggplant, onion, garlic, black pepper, vegetable oil, sugar, and salt, and tomatoes.

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Mekitsa is a traditional Bulgarian dish made of kneaded dough made with yogurt that is deep fried. It generally serves as a breakfast.

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(Bulgarian) (-Eastern European-) (Romanian) (Russian) (Slovenian)

It is an Easter bread eaten in the Assyrian–Chaldean–Syriac diaspora, Eastern European countries including Ukraine, South Russia, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, Georgia and parts of Bulgaria.

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Patatnik is a Bulgarian potato dish.Patatnik is made of grated potatoes, onions, salt and a type of very mild mint called Gyosum in Bulgarian, all mixed and cooked on a slow fire.

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(Bosnia And Herzegovina) (Bulgarian) (Macedonian) (Serbian)

The traditional ingredients include eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic, black pepper, vegetable oil, sugar and salt. Pindjur is similar to ajvar but is generally made with aubergines.

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(Bosnia And Herzegovina) (Bulgarian) (Greek) (Macedonian) (Serbian)

Popara is a meal made with bread. It is mostly made in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Turkey and Montenegro.

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(Bosnia And Herzegovina) (Bulgarian) (Croatian) (Serbian) (Slovenian)

Proja is a Balkan dish made of corn flour, baking powder, sunflower oil, sparkling water and salt. Proha is an alternative name used in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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stuffed cabbage vine leaves

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These are round or oblong balls made of vine or cabbage leaves with filling made of minced meat and rice. This is a dish which is also popular in other countries; in Bulgaria there are a lot of versions for its preparation. During the summer, ...

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Shkembe Chorba

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The literal English translation is tripe soup - tripe is the thick lining of the stomach of cattle... Seasoned with garlic, vinegar, and hot red pepper, it will surprise you with its unique aroma and taste - good surprise that is. It is scientifically proven ...

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Shopska Salad

Bulgarian Salad

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Shopska Salad is a Bulgarian cold salad popular throughout the Balkans and Central Europe. It is made from tomatoes, cucumbers, onion/scallions, raw or roasted peppers, sirene (white brine cheese), and parsley.

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(Bulgarian) (Serbian)

Slatko is a thin fruit preserve made of fruit or rose petals in Serbian and Bulgarian cuisine. Almost any kind of fruit can be used, like wild strawberry, blueberry, plum and cherry.

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tarathor, taratur, ttalattouri

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(Bulgarian) (-Eastern European-)

Tarator is a soup, appetizer, or sauce found in the cuisines of Eastern Europe. It generally includes ground walnuts, garlic, and yogurt or tahini, and often cucumber, herbs, and vinegar or lemon juice.

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