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Due to its location in the world, its diversity of industrial resources and the cultural diversity of the Venezuelan people, Venezuelan cuisine often varies greatly from one region to another. Its cuisine, traditional as well as modern, is influenced by indigenous peoples and its European ancestry (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French), and is also influenced by African and Native American traditions. Food staples include corn, rice, plantain, yams, beans and several meats. Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, eggplants, squashes and zucchini are also common sides in the Venezuelan diet.

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(1 ) (Colombian) (Venezuelan)

Flatbread made of ground maize dough or cooked flour prominent in the cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela. It is eaten ...

Asado Negro

(0 ) (Venezuelan)

Asado Negro is a traditional Venezuelan dish which made by Shredded beef slow-cooked in a broth of beef stock, onion, ...

Pisca Andina

(0 ) Andean Pisca (Venezuelan)

Pisca Andina is a soup or broth of simple preparation, made with coriander, chives and water ; Some variants are ...


(0 ) (Venezuelan)

Perico is a dish in Venezuelan and Colombian cuisine prepared with scrambled eggs, butter, sautéed diced onions, and tomatoes.It is ...


(0 ) (Venezuelan)

Cachitos is a Venezuelan food similar to the croissant, and is often filled with ham and cheese.This traditional breakfast dish ...


(0 ) Ayaca, Hayaca, Gu... (-Latin American-) (Venezuelan)

It is corn dough stuffed with a stew of beef, pork, and chicken, fish or other seafoods in some places, ...

(0 ) (Venezuelan)

It is known as Venezuela’s chicken pot pie, this is mainly reserved for special occasions. The filling generally consists of ...

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