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Jewish cuisine is a diverse collection of cooking traditions of the Jewish people worldwide. It has evolved over many centuries, shaped by Jewish dietary laws (kashrut), Jewish Festival, and Shabbat (Sabbath) traditions. Jewish cuisine is influenced by the economics, agriculture, and culinary traditions of the many countries where Jewish communities have settled and varies widely throughout the world.

The distinctive styles in Jewish cuisine are Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi, Persian, Yemenite, Indian, and Latin-American. There are also dishes from Jewish communities from Ethiopia to Central Asia.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, and particularly since the late 1970s, a nascent Israeli "fusion cuisine" has developed. Jewish Israeli cuisine has especially adapted a multitude of elements, overlapping techniques and ingredients from many diaspora Jewish culinary traditions.

Using agricultural products from dishes of one Jewish culinary tradition in the elaboration of dishes of other Jewish culinary traditions, as well as incorporating and adapting various other Middle Eastern dishes from the local non-Jewish population of the Land of Israel (which had not already been introduced via the culinary traditions of Jews which arrived to Israel from the various other Arab countries), Israeli Jewish cuisine is both authentically Jewish (and most often kosher) and distinctively local "Israeli", yet thoroughly hybridised from its multicultural diasporas Jewish origins.

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(0 ) Hallah, khale, kitke (Jewish)
A special Jewish sweet white wheat bread eaten on Sabbath and Jewish holidays.
(0 ) געפֿילטע פֿיש‎, stuff… (Jewish)
Traditionally gefilte fish is cooked and served as egg-shaped patties, like quenelles, but sometimes it is cooked in large logs …
(0 ) גריבענעס‎, גלדי שו… (Jewish)
Chicken or goose skin cracklings with fried onions, a kosher food somewhat similar to pork rinds. A byproduct of the …
(0 ) Carrot Tsimmes (Israeli) (Jewish)
Tzimmes, or tsimmes, is a Jewish side dish that is a traditional part of a Rosh Hashanah meal. Carrot, or …
(0 ) Kasha Varnishkas (Israeli) (Jewish)
Kashe varnishkes is a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish dish that combines kasha (buckwheat groats) with noodles, typically farfalle bow-tie pasta.
(0 ) marzo balls, Kneidl… (Israeli) (Jewish)
This recipe will give you knaidlach (KNAYD-lach) just like Bubbe used to make. In this most famous of Passover dishes, …
Kugel, an Ashkenazi dish, seems to be ever-present at Jewish holidays and events. It can be sweet or savory, dairy …
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Jewish cuisine has some traditional foods that they mostly eat on different occasions. Here is the list of the traditional dishes from Jewish cuisine


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There are many holidays in the Jewish community. On a special occasion, many different kinds of food are made to celebrate the day. Here is the list of Jewish foods served during the Jewish holiday of Purim.