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Balkan cuisine is naturally eclectic because the region has experienced so many influences throughout the ages. From ancient Romans who strarted olive oil production to the Ottoman Turks in the Middle ages and finally the Italian and German influences have made their cuisines and gastronomic customs more sophisticated. However, the true spirit of the Balkans is in their mountains.

Meat is the main ingredient: grilled, baked or smoked. In Christian countries they mainly eat pork, while Muslims prefer beef. There are about half a dozen meat specialties known under the common title of “roštilj” or “skara”, which comes from the name of the specific type of grill on which these meals are prepared. The most popular one, called ćevap (derived from the Turkish kebab), has quite a peculiar geography. Several Balkan cities compete for the title of the Balkan ćevap capital.…

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(0 ) Ražnjići (Balkans)
Raznjici is a popular Western Balkan speciality of grilled meat on a skewer, equivalent of the Greek souvlaki and Turkish …
(0 ) Kačamak, Kachamak, … (Balkans) (Turkish)
Kacamak is a kind of maize porridge made in the Balkan countries and Turkey. It is also known as bakrdan …
Podvarak is a Serbian dish, popular across Balkans. The primary ingredients are sauerkraut or fresh cabbage, finely chopped onions and …
(0 ) Punjene Tikvice, Ka… (Balkans) (Egyptian) (-Levantine-)
Stuffed Squash is a dish of the region of the former Ottoman Empire from the Balkans to the Levant, a …
Ruske Kape is a type of cake dessert served in Balkan countries, especially in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia made with …
(0 ) Šampita (Balkans)
Sampita is a whipped meringue dessert with egg yolk crust, originating in the Balkans.
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