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Revolcado is a Guatemalan curried stew consisting of a small pig's head and entrails, tomatoes, tomatillos, bell peppers, chiles guaques (Guatemalan chiles), garlic, onions, and annatto. The sauce is sometimes thickened with corn flour, and the stew is …

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Salpicón de Res is a Guatemalan dish. It is a popular meat salad. This popular Guatemalan food is made with meat that is slow-cooked until it is tender and easy to pull apart. The salad also includes onion, …

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Shucos are popular Guatemalan and Latin American hot dogs. They are filled with guacamole, tomato sauce, mustard, hot sauce, mayonnaise, and any of the following ingredients: longaniza white sausage, salchicha sausage, or chorizo.

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meat and vegetable stew

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The subanik is a traditional and representative message of the San Martin Jilotepéque in Guatemala. His name, subanik indicates tamale pot and is prepared with tomatoes, peppers and chilli variety primarily. That is a spicy dish and also …

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fried rolled up corn tortillas filled with meat or chicken…

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Tamales Colorados is a Guatemalan dish. The colour of this tamale is basically red. These red tamales are the most common variety. The achiote spice gives tamales Colorados its famous red colour. The stuffing includes red peppers, olives …

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Tamales de Elote is Guatemalan dish that is similar to Tamale Negros. It is slightly sweet tamales that vary from the rest of the tamales in the country.The dough is made with sweet corn. And the stuffing is …

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Tamales Negros is a black tamale which is a sweet version of Guatemalan food. Instead of the savoury flavour, it is a unique taste as it’s filled with chocolate, raisins and nuts. There are also other versions of …

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seafood soup

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The Caribbean coast of Guatemala has a wealth of fresh fish and coconuts. This dish, which frequently contains a wide variety of seafood, including squid, crab, shrimp, red snapper, sea bass, or mako shark, is an expression of …

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tortillas de yuka

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Tortitas de Yuca or Tortillas de Yuca is a common dessert in Guatemala, traditionally eaten at breakfast with tea, coffee, milk and cooked for different holidays. The ingredients which make this cake are: yucca roots, coconut milk, eggs, …

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Yuca con chicharrón

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boiled cassava served with fried pork chunks

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