Czech Cuisine


Svickova Na Smetane

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Svickova Na Smetane is a typical Czech dish and one of the most popular Czech meals. It is sirloin steak prepared with vegetables. It is generally served with houskove knedliky.

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Syr Smazeny

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One of the top favorite dishes in the Czech Republic. Syr Smazeny is a Czech and Slovak cheese-based dish, widely spread in both countries.

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Trdelník is very popular among tourists as a sweet pastry in the Czech Republic. A modern version filled with ice cream or other fillings, has been spreading recently from Prague, the Czech Republic.

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Utopenci - pickled sausages, very popular in the better pubs in the Czech Republic. Utopenci is a classic Czech delicacy to go with beer and it is made with Spekacek sausages.

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(Austrian) (Czech) (German) (Polish) (Slovenian)

Vanillekipferl is a small, crescent-shaped biscuit. Originally made with walnuts, but also with almonds or hazelnuts. They get their typical flavor from a heavy dusting of vanilla sugar.

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Vepro Knedlo Zelo

Vepro-Knedlo-Zelo, Vepřo kn...

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Vepro Knedlo Zelo is a national dish of Czech. One of the most highly coveted dishes in the Czech Republic. Vepro-knedlo-zelo is shorthand for roast pork.

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