Austrian Cuisine


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Tiroler Gröstl is an Austrian dish. It is prepared with egg, potato, beef, bacon, garlic, herbs, spices. “Gröschtl”, or fried potatoes and meat, was originally a dish that used the leftovers of the Sunday roast and was popular …

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Topfentascherl is the traditional sweet and savoury dish of Austria. It is mostly served with different meals. It is prepared with puff pastry, vanilla sugar, curd, sugar, egg. It is basically a pastry filled with curd and loaded …

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Tyrolean grey cheese is a variety of sour cow's milk cheese, traditionally made on lush Austrian pastures from skimmed milk which was previously left to curdle for several days. This cheese is extremely low in fat, it has …

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Vanillekipferl is a small, crescent-shaped biscuit. Originally made with walnuts, but also with almonds or hazelnuts. They get their typical flavor from a heavy dusting of vanilla sugar.

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Vegemite is an Australian icon, enjoyed on toast by most Aussie's for breakfast. For the ultimate Toast and Veggie experience you want to start with toast that’s nice and hot and straight from the toaster.

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Vienna bread is a type of bread that is produced from a process developed in Vienna, Austria, in the 19th century. The Vienna process used high milling of Hungarian grain and cereal press-yeast for leavening.

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Viennese Apfelstrudel is the national dish of Austria and also popular pastry. It is made with whipped cream, cinnamon, sugar, cinnamon, bread crumbs, butter, apple. This dish is very tasty and easy to prepare.

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It is baked goods made from a yeast-leavened dough in a manner similar to bread, or from puff pastry, but with added ingredients (particularly eggs, butter, milk, cream, and sugar) giving them a richer, sweeter character, approaching that …

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Wiener Saftgulasch is an Austrian dish prepared with beef shank, onion, spices, berries, dried marjoram, sugar, salt, tomato paste, garlic, lemon zest, flour.

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It is made with the finest ingredients and served fresh, this simple dish of pounded veal cutlets breaded and lightly fried is Austria’s food ambassador, despite the dish’s Italian origins. Austrians typically eat Wiener schnitzel garnished with parsley …

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Quetschekuche, Zwetschgendatschi, Prummet…

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It is popular as a summer cake and has different local labelings throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland made with yeast dough or shortcrust, prune plums.

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