Armenian Cuisine



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Chicken soup with small meatballs, garnished before serving with beaten egg yolks, lemon juice, and parsley.…

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This traditional Brazilian variation of the Spanish and Latin-American classic dish. This dish comes from the northeastern Brazilian state of Piauí, one of the hottest, driest and poorest regions in the country.

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Bozbash is a popular Armenian meat, lightly sour, soup, made from fat lamb fillet with potatoes, peas, beans and fruits.

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Armenian: բյորեկ

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Byorek is a pie made with phyllo pastry and stuffed with cheese (panirov byorek, from Armenian: panir for cheese, Eastern Armenians refer to this as Khachapuri) or spinach (similar to spanakopita in Greek cuisine). They are a popular …

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Armenian stuffed pumpkin dish, often prepared during the Christmas season. It is prepared by removing the guts of the pumpkin (known as դդում in Armenian, pronounced ddum in Eastern Armenian and ttum in Western Armenian) and stuffing it …

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Armenian dish from the Ararat plain. It is a thick porridge made from korkot (dried or roasted cracked wheat) and fat-rich meat, usually chicken or lamb. Herbs were substituted for meat in harissa when Armenian religious days required …

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Keshk is a range of dairy products used in cuisines of Iranian, Turkish, Mongolian, Central Asian, Transcaucasian, and the Levantine peoples. Kashk is made from drained yogurt (in particular, drained qatiq) or drained sour milk by forming it …

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Khash is one of the oldest Caucasian dish made with beef legs, tripe, garlic, heads radish, parsley greens, basil leaves, tarragon grape vinegar.

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Khorovats is an Armenian meat grill dish dissimilar to a kebab, It is one of the country’s most representative dishes. A typical khorovats will be made with chunks of meat that’s grilled on a skewer.

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Armenian Stuffed Meatballs

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Armenian stuffed meatballs — and replaced the ground lamb and butter with ground turkey and olive oil. We think the results are pretty darn good! Serve with plain yogurt, a chopped salad, and pita bread.…

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The traditional taste of Armenia will be a favorite! These little meat pizzas are usually made with lamb or beer, vegetables, herbs and tomatoes.

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Matnakash is a leavened traditional Armenian bread, similar to the naan. It is made of wheat flour with yeast or sourdough starter. It is shaped into oval or round.

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Matsoni is a typical Armenian herby yoghurt based sauce, usually served as a condiment

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Muglai Paratha

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Muglai Barata is a bread that contains spicy egg or meat. Muglai Barata is another popular item in evening snacks. It can be served with sauce.

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Pilaf In Armenian may combine vermicelli or orzo with rice cooked in stock seasoned with mint, parsley and allspice. One traditional Armenian pilaf is made with the same noodle rice mixture cooked in stock with raisins, almonds and …

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Qutab is a Typical Armenian dishes made with herbs or meat

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Sorbet is a frozen dessert made from sweetened water with flavouring fruit juice or fruit purée, wine, liqueur or, very rarely, honey.

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