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These Swedish cuisine could be described as centered around cultured dairy products, crisp and soft (often sugared) breads, berries and stone fruits, beef, chicken, lamb, pork, and seafood. Potatoes are often served as a side dish, often boiled. Swedish cuisine has a huge variety of breads of different shapes and sizes, made of rye, wheat, oat, white, dark, sourdough, and whole grain, and including flatbreads and crispbreads. There are many sweetened bread types and some use spices. Many meat dishes, especially meatballs, are served with lingonberry jam. Fruit soups with high viscosity, like rose hip soup and blueberry soup (blåbärssoppa) served hot or cold, are typical of Swedish cuisine.


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(1 ) Jansson’s Temptatio… (Swedish)
Classic Swedish Christmas dish which consists of a creamy potato and anchovy casserole. The dish can be served at any …
(0 ) Dammsugare, Arraksr… (Swedish)
Punsch-Roll is a Swedish small cylindrical pastry covered with green marzipan with the ends dipped in chocolate, with an interior …
(0 ) kroppkakor (Swedish)
Kroppkaka is a traditional Swedish dish. these Swedish stuffed dumplings filled with smoked pork, onions, and cracked pepper, and can …
Palt is a traditional Swedish meat-filled dumpling.Palt is traditionally served with butter and lingonberry preserves, and a glass of cold …
It is an old-fashioned dish still fairly common in Sweden. Blodpalt is essentially palt, a dumpling made from barley or …
Pitepalt is a Swedish dish related to kroppkakor or meat-filled dumplings.
(0 ) Chocolate Mud Cake (Swedish)
Kladdkaka is a type of Swedish cake. This dense sticky chocolate cake is similar to a brownie and has a …
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The highlight of Swedish cuisine is arguably the pastries and desserts. With so much variety, those with a sweet tooth will be in for plenty of treats when they visit Sweden. Here are some Swedish sweets to try when in Sweden!