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Shanghai cuisine, also known as Hu cuisine, is popular style of Chinese food. In a narrow sense, Shanghai cuisine refers only to what is traditionally called Benbang cuisine (???, lit. "local cuisine") which originated in Shanghai; in a broad sense,it refers to complex and developed styles of cooking under profound influence of those of the surrounding provinces – Jiangsu and Zhejiang –. It takes "color, aroma and taste" as its elements like other Chinese regional cuisines, and emphasizes in particular the use of seasonings,the quality of raw materials and original flavors.

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Ji Cai Dumplings

(0 ) Jì Cài Dumplings, J… (Chinese) (Chinese-Shanghainese)

Dumpling filled with 'Jì Cài' (shepherd 's purse) plant.

Shi Zi Tou

(0 ) Lion'S Head (Chinese) (Chinese-Shanghainese)

Lion's head is a dish from the Huaiyang cuisine of eastern China, consisting of large pork meatballs (about 7–10 cm …

Dim Sum

(0 ) 点心, 點心, Diǎnxīn (Chinese) (Chinese-Cantonese) (Chinese-Shanghainese)

A traditional Cantonese cuisine, prepared and served as individual, bite-sized portions, meant for tasting and sharing. It is a style …

Chao Nian Gao

(0 ) Stir Fried Rice Cak… (Chinese) (Chinese-Shanghainese)

Stir Fried Rice Cakes

Braised Eggplant

(0 ) 红烧茄子 (Chinese) (Chinese-Shanghainese)

Asian eggplant braised with garlic, chilies, soy sauce and finished with basil.

(0 ) spicy cumin ribs (Chinese) (Chinese-Shanghainese)

Sweetly braised in soy sauce, these put those miniature rib appetizers to utter shame. And, without the small bones found …

Grilled Oysters

(0 ) 烤生蚝 (Chinese) (Chinese-Shanghainese)

oysters with black bean sauce, oysters with chili oil and garlic, and wannabe French oysters in 'cheese' sauce http://travel.cnn.com/shanghai/eat/40-shanghai-foods-we-just-cant-live-without-964251/

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