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Shahi Chicken Rezala

(0 ) (Bangladeshi)

Shahi Chicken Rezala. Influenced by the Mughlai cuisine, a rustic and authentic quick one-pot dish packed with tonnes of hot ...

Kosha Murgir Mangsho

(0 ) (Bangladeshi)

Bengali Kosha Murgir Mangsho is a dry type Chicken Curry with no use of water and should be cooked in ...

Murmura Ladoo

(0 ) Murir Ladoo (Bangladeshi)

Murmura Crispy Ladoos made with puffed rice and molten jaggery. This is a common street food of bangladesh.


(0 ) Popped Rice (Bangladeshi)

Khoi is a form of popped rice or puffed rice, very light and extremely good diet. Khoi making them Binni ...

Kata Moshlar Mangsho

(0 ) (Bangladeshi)

Kata Moshlar Mangsho is a classical Bangladeshi meat dish uses whole spices instead of pastes and powders. In Eid festival, ...

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