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common breakfast dishes that are eaten in Germany

1. Broetchen

farmer's omelet (German)

Bauernomelett or farmer's omelet is a simple German dish that's usually served for breakfast, but sometimes also for lunch or dinner. It's made with a combination of bacon, onions, potatoes, parsley, eggs, and milk. The bacon, onions, and potatoes are sautéed slowly, and when the potatoes start to turn golden brown, a mixture of eggs and milk is poured into the pan.

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2. Senfeir

eier in senfsoße (German)

Senfeier, also known as eier in senfsoße, is classic German comfort food that consists of boiled eggs smothered in a smooth, and creamy mustard sauce. Typical accompaniments to this vegetarian specialty include boiled or mashed potatoes, rice, wilted spinach, blanched kale, and various vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflowers, or peas.

Fried onions and bacon bits can be added for extra flavor, and the dish can be garnished with freshly chopped parsley or dill on top if desired.

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3. Speckpfannkuchen


Speckpfannkuchen (lit. pancakes with bacon) is a type of savory pancake from Germany combined with cubes or strips of bacon. The bacon can either be on top of the pancake or used as a filling, but it’s always first fried before being incorporated into the dish.

Besides bacon, the pancake may be modified to include cheese or onions. It is eaten as an appetizer or a hearty breakfast complemented with pickled cucumbers or a green salad.

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4. Griebrei


Grießbrei is a traditional German pudding based on semolina. The dish is made with milk, semolina, and sugar. It's often flavored with vanilla and cinnamon. The milk is heated, the semolina stirred in, and the mixture is then stirred until it becomes creamy and thick.

Most people like to eat semolina pudding for breakfast, and the dish is sometimes enhanced with the addition of fruit such as cherries, strawberries, peaches, pears, or apples. It's recommended to serve it in a …

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5. Mettbrötchen


Mettbrötchen is a type of sandwich consisting of a fresh brötchen (a German bread roll) and mett (raw pork mince). The bread roll is sliced, then topped with a layer of mett, which is usually seasoned with salt and pepper and garnished with slices of raw onions on top.

This sandwich is a typical breakfast item in Germany,

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6. Weisswurst

Weißwurst, white sausage (German)

The word Weißwurst or Weisswurst can be translated to white sausage and it is indeed very white, rather than pink, red, or tan like other sausages. It is also never fried and never grilled, instead it is heated in water and needs to be enjoyed very fresh.

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7. Kartoffelkloesse

German Potato Dumpling (German)

These traditional German potato dumplings are made two ways: with cooked potatoes and with a mixture of cooked and raw potatoes. The potatoes are cooked, mashed and kneaded into big sticky balls and then finally boiled in salted water.

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8. Kasespatzle

Käsespätzle (Austrian) (German)

Käsespätzle is a dish from the southwestern regions of Germany, Käsespätzle is made from layering small Spätzle pasta with grated cheese and topping with fried onion. It is usually served with a salad and sometimes with applesauce.

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9. Eintopf


An Eintopf is a one-pot stew that may include a wide variety of ingredients. It is a meal-in-one that will typically contain broth, vegetables, potatoes, and meat. Sometimes it may include pulses such as lentils, and it's usually served mit Brot (with bread).

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10. Müesli

Müsli (German) (Swiss)

This dish is a breakfast and brunch which includes raw rolled oats and other ingredients like grains, fresh or dried fruits, seeds and nuts, that may be mixed with cow's milk, soy milk, almond milk, other plant milks, yogurt or fruit juice.

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