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Chirashi Sushi

(0 ) Chirashizushi, ちらし寿司 (Japanese) (Japanese Sushi)

Chirashi means scattered. It is served a big bowl on happy occasions and at parties in Japan. Chirashi is made ...


(0 ) (Paraguayan)

Traditional Paraguayan dish normally served as a side dish for breakfast.


(0 ) Mbeyú (Argentine) (Paraguayan)

Mbeju is a starch cake sometimes made with fariña or manioc flour. The mbeju is a staple of the Paraguayan ...

Empanada De Pabellon

(0 ) (Venezuelan)

The take on the popular rice-beans-shredded beef-plantain dish, with shredded carne mechada beef, caraotas negras, and sweet fried plantains as ...

Ropa Vieja

(0 ) (Panamanian)

Panamanian version of Ropa Vieja. This dish was originated in the Canary Islands. It is made of slow-cooked shredded beef ...

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