Kiepenkerl, Weckmann, Klaaskerl, Stutenmann, Hefekerl, Mannele, Mannala, Boxemännchen, Grittibänz, Grättimaa (German) (Luxembourgish) (Swiss)

stuten, dough, raisins

A Stutenkerl belongs to the Saint Nicholas tradition in the German-speaking countries. It is a pastry made of Stuten, sweet leavened dough, in the form of a man (Kerl is German for 'lad' or 'fellow'). Stutenkerl is available usually around Saint Nicholas' Day, December 6, but in parts of the Rhineland at Saint Martin's Day in November.

There are numerous regional names for the Stutenkerl, such as Kiepenkerl, Weckmann (in the south west), Klaaskerl, Stutenmann, Hefekerl, Mannele (in North Alsace …

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