Cabbage Soup (European) (Slovak)

cabbage, pork, mushrooms

Kapustnica is a Slovak thick soup traditionally prepared at the end of the year – for Christmas and New Years Eve .Kapustnica can be prepared in a lot of ways (ingredients, a length of cooking, etc.), it differs from region to region. In some regions, Kapustnica may contain smoked meat, sausages, and mushrooms, in some regions it is much simpler soup. Those prepared for special holidays are also different. For example, Vianočná Kapustnica (Christmas Cabbage Soup) is cooked without meat, …

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Vianočná Kapustnica

Christmas Cabbage Soup (Slovak)
Vianočná Kapustnica is a special version of the traditional Slovak Cabbage Soup (Kapustnica) with the difference that the soup doesn't …