Taiwanese Cuisine



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Taro Ball is a traditional Taiwanese dessert made of taro. The taro balls can be made by mixing mashed taro with water and sweet potato flour or potato flour, making the taro balls more springy or softer respectively. …

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San Bei Ji

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Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken (San Bei Ji) is very popular. Tender chicken is braised with garlic and ginger in a sweet and savory sauce. The name “three cup chicken” comes from the three key ingredients: sesame oil, Chinese …

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Tian Bu La is a Taiwanese version of oden, that's made from fish paste molded into various shapes and sizes, deep-fried, then boiled in broth.

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Sticky rice and Chinese mushrooms are fried with seasoning and stuffed into a bamboo tube together with pork and egg.The tube of rice is steamed again to further soften the texture until it becomes a cylindrical pudding.

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It is commonly referred to as Taiwanese snow ice. Rather than flaky bits of ice, the base of the dessert is typically layered-sheets of frozen condensed milk. The consistency is achieved through the milky base and a special …

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