Peruvian Cuisine


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Peruvian seafood paella or rice with seafood and aji amarillo (yellow chili). It usually has fish, mussels, squid and scallops.

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Arroz Con Pato is a rice-style dish that gets its green color from cilantro, and the broth is flavored with beer. The Peruvian touch includes using aji amarillo and a cilantro purée, which makes it similar in preparation …

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Arroz Con Pollo is a popular Peruvian Chicken and Rice dish. The rice has a rich green color because is cooked in cilantro. Ingredients and cooking techniques are very similar to the Spanish paella; the richly flavored rice …

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Two common staples of Peruvian cuisine that are sometime served as one dish. "Arroz con pollo" is a popular Peruvian chicken and rice dish. The rice has a rich, green color because is cooked with cilantro and the …

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Covered Rice, Ground Beef Stuffed Rice

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Arroz Tapado is a popular rice dish in Peru. Layers of cooked rice are filled with a mixture of ground beef fried together with tomatoes, onions, garlic, black olives and hardboiled eggs.…

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asado de res

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Like in the United States, roast beef – or asado de res – is a very common and popular dish in Peruvian kitchens. It’s usually flavored with a variety of herbs and spices, and then slow cooked in …

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Bisteck A Lo Pobre

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Bistec a lo Pobre is a satisfying meal popular throughout most of South America. The basic elements of bistec a lo pobre are steak, fried potatoes, fried onions, and fried eggs. The name roughly translates to "poor man's …

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Butifarra is the name of a traditional Peruvian cold sandwich where the main ingredient is "Jamon del Pais". Slices of this savory seasoned ham and onion relish called "salsa criolla" are served on crusty round French bread roll.

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Cachina is a Peruvian alcoholic beverage made of must (young wine)

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Cayhua, caigua, caihua, caygua

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Caigua stuffed with a pre cooked mix of ground beef, spices, onions, raisins and bread

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Canchita is a very common snack food made by toasting corn kernels served mostly as a center table snack in Peruvian restaurants.

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Carapulcra, Kalapurka, Meat And Veggie St…

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Carapulca is one of the oldest Peruvian dishes. This stew is made of pork or chicken meat, dried potatoes, onions, different Peruvian chilies (aji), cumin, cilantro, cloves and peanuts.…

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cao cao

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This traditional Creole Cau Cau is a tripe stew served with rice. Strips of pre-cooked tripe are cooked together with onions, yellow Peruvian chilies (aji amarillo), garlic and chunks of potatoes. Before serving the stew, it's sprinkled with …

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Chicken version of Cau Cau

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Causa Rellena is a Peruvian appetizer made of cold mashed potato seasoned with yellow chili and lime. Normally stuffed with chicken or tuna salad.

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Beef Peruvian soup

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Ceviche De Conchas Negras

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Fresh, raw, black scallop, marinated and "cooked" in lime juice and seasoned with Peruvian chili peppers, onions and salt. Back scallop cebiche was originated in northern Peru.

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Ceviche de erizo, Seviche, Sebiche

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Sea urchin cebiche is a variation of the traditional Peruvian cebiche where the main protein is Sea urchin

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Ceviche De Mero

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Dish staple form the north of Peru. It is a cebiche where the fish used is the Mero

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Ceviche De Pescado, seviche de pescado, s…

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Cebiche De Pescado is a cold Peruvian dish. While there are hundreds of variations, the traditional Ceviche actually just needs 5 simple ingredients: fresh, raw, white fish filet cut into bite-size pieces, marinated and "cooked" in lime juice …

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