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Adobo Arequipeño, Adobo De Chanco

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Adobo De Cerdo is a traditional dish from Arequipa, Peru. Cooked overnight, adobo arequipeño is a popular hangover cure and Sunday brunch dish at Arequipa’s local picanterías, or “spicy shops.” The arequipeño dish is a soupy pork stew, …

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Chicken version of the Peruvian Adobo de cerdo "Pork adobo"

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Aeropuerto is a Chifa (Peruvian Chinese) dish made of basically Arroz Chaufa (Peruvian fried rice) where a small portion of noodles are added and mixed at the end of the cooking process resulting in a fried rice dish …

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Aguadito de Pollo, a delicious, hearty and spicy chicken soup, can probably be named Peru's national soup. Served around the country, this traditional soup contains large pieces of chicken, yellow potatoes (papas amarillas), aji amarillo (yellow pepper), onions, …

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Ajiaco de Olluco is a stew based on olluco (Ullucus tuberosus). It has a creamy texture and a yellow color because of the Peruvian Yellow chili (Aji amarillo)

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Aji de pollo

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Aji de Gallina, a spicy chicken stew, is a popular Peruvian dish especially on Lima's "cold" winter days. Aji de Gallina consists of thin chicken strips served in a savory creamy yellow sauce made of milk, bread, parmesan …

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Aji de papa lisa, aji de olluco

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Stew made of ollocus, potatoes and beef

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Alfajores, Chilean oreo

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Alfajor is two round, sweet biscuits made of wheat flour or cornstarch joined together with dulce de leche (known as "manjar blanco" in Peru), and optionally coated with powder sugar. More modern "industrial" varieties in Chile, Uruguay, and …

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coctel de algarrobina

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Algarrobina is the name of a creamy, sweet and smooth Peruvian cocktail slightly similar to eggnog. Pisco gives the alcoholic content to this cocktail. Its name comes from the thick syrup -similar to molasses-, that is extracted from …

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Alpaca's lack of greasiness makes for excellent jerky, which coincidentally is another ancient Peruvian culinary innovation.

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Anticucho de corazon

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Anticuchos (singular anticucho, Quechua for Cut Stew Meat) are popular and inexpensive dishes that originated in Peru, also popular in other Andean states consisting of small pieces of grilled skewered meat. Anticuchos can be found on street-carts and …

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Arequipeña is a "Pilsener Larger" style Peruvian beer, with 4.6% alcohol by volume (ABV).

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Arroz a la chiclayana is a rice dish from Chiclayo (City in the north of Peru) where cilantro givea the rice its green color. It is similar to the traditional Arroz con Pollo with some differences like the …

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Arroz A La Chiclayana De Mariscos

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Seafood version of the dish Arroz A La Chiclayana from the north of Peru

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Yellow rice with vegetables

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Fried Rice

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Arroz chaufa, also known as Arroz de chaufa (Chinese rice), is a Peruvian fried rice dish. Arroz Chaufa is a chifa style dish, which is a mix of Peruvian and Chinese cuisine. It consists of a mix of …

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Peruvian version of seafood fried rice

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Chicken version of the famous Peruvian Arroz Chaufa

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Arroz Con Huevo Frito, Rice With A Fried …

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Arroz con huevo frito (rice with a fried egg) is the ultimate Latin lazy meal. Some people also add fried plantains, avocado, and tomato onion curtido salsa.

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Traditional rice pudding made with milk, sugar, orange peel, raisins, cloves, sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon, and vanilla and sometimes shredded coconut and (more rarely) brazil nuts can be added. It is commonly consumed with mazamorra morada (purple corn …

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