Jordanian Cuisine


أذان الشايب , Shishbarak

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Meaning 'the ears of the old gray-haired man'. Is a pasta or jiaozi dish that has been described as a kind of local variation on ravioli. After being stuffed with ground beef and spices, thin wheat dough parcels …

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Balila is a dish from Jordan. It consists of boiled chickpeas mixed with garlic, salt, cumin and olive oil. It is usually served as a hot mezze dish. Balila is one of Saudis most sought after snacks. It …

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Freekeh soup is a Palestine and Jordanian meal that is really healthy. It is prepared with Chicken fillet, vegetables, herbs, spices, yogurt, pita bread chips. It has a beautiful nutty flavor & incredibly easy to make

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Galayet bandora is a simple Jordanian and Palestinian dish of tomatoes, onions, hot peppers (usually serranos or jalapenos), olive oil, and salt. Galayet bandora is usually eaten with warm pita bread. It is often garnished with toasted pine …

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Jameed is a Jordanian food consisting of hard dry Laban made from ewe or goat's milk., which is then left to dry and ferment. The mixture is later kept in a fine woven cheesecloth to make a thick …

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Joshpara is a kind of dumpling popular in Central Asia, the Caucasus, and the Middle East. It is prepared with flour, meat, onions, herbs, salt, black pepper, and tomatoes. This dish is very similar to Dumpling.

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Mallow Salad, Marva Parviflora, خبيزة

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Khobbeizeh is a wild green plant that has traditionally been harvested in the Middle East and Northern Africa. The name of this plant means mallow in Arabic, and it typically refers to little mallow or Marva parviflora. This …

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Ma'amoul, Mamul, Maamul

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Maamoul is an ancient Arab dessert filled pastry or cookie made with dates, pistachios or nuts such as walnuts (occasionally almonds), figs.

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Maftul is Palestine's popular food. It is also eaten in Jordan. It is prepared with beef, vegetable stocks, herbs, spices, chickpeas.

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Manakish is a popular Levantine food consisting of dough topped with thyme, cheese, or ground meat. Similar to a pizza, it can be sliced or folded, and it can be served either for breakfast or lunch. It is …

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Mansaf is a traditional Jordanian dish, Mansaf is a dish of rice, lamb, and a dry yoghurt made into a sauce called jameed.

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Makloubeh, Layered Rice Cake

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Maqluba or Maqlooba is a traditional Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian, and Jordanian dish served throughout the Levant. It consists of meat, rice, and fried vegetables placed in a pot which is flipped upside down when served, hence the name …

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Arugula Salad

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Rocket salad is a popular side dish in most US and Canadian restaurants. It is also popular in Jordan. It is prepared with onion, nuts, parmesan, vinegar, herbs, oil, bacon, rocket. It is very healthy and super easy …

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Warbat also is known as Shaabiyat is an Arabic sweet pastry (originally from Jordan) similar to baklava, consisting of layers thin phyllo dough filled with custard though it is sometimes also filled with pistachios, walnuts, almonds, or sweet …

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Yalanji is a Syrian appetizer, made with grape leaves stuffed with rice and a variety of vegetables that is served as a cold appetizer. It is similar to dolma. It is prepared with rice, oil, spices, garlic, mint, …

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