Icelandic Cuisine



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Brennivín is a clear, unsweetened schnapps that is considered to be Iceland's signature distilled beverage. It is a popular Icelandic liquor and special-occasion alcohol shot, and the traditional drink for the mid-winter feast of Þorrablót. It is made …

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Rúgbrauð, Þrumari, Thunder Bread, Pot Bre…

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It is an Icelandic straight rye bread. It is traditionally baked in a pot or steamed in special wooden casks by burying it in the ground near a hot spring.The bread is crustless, dark and very dense, usually …

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Flatkaka or flatbrauð is an Icelandic unleavened rye flatbread. Flatkaka is soft, round, thin, and dark with a characteristic pattern from the pan.

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Kæstur Hákarl

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Hakarl is a national dish of Iceland consisting of a Greenland shark or other sleeper sharks which has been cured with a particular fermentation process and hung to dry for four to five months. Kæstur hákarl has a …

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Hjónabandssæla means Blissful Marriage Cake, which comes from that you would have a happy marriage if you could make this cake. This is one of the traditional Icelandic cakes. Traditionally rhubarb jam is used in Iceland for this …

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Icelandic Chocolate Porridge is an Icelandic dessert eating during Choctoberfest. This comfort food is very popular in Iceland.

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Icelandic Kleinur is compared to a twisted donut: maybe crullers, minus the sugar coating. They are easy to make and fun to shape. The slightly crunchy outside yields to a lovely soft cardamom-scented interior.

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Icelandic Pepper Cookies are popular in Iceland. these delicious cookies are made with butter, white sugar, corn syrup, eggs, flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, ground cinnamon, ground cloves, ground ginger, ground black pepper.

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Icelandic Skyr Cake is inspired by Skyr, a traditional food eaten with cream and fresh fruit. It's a very simple cake made with biscuits, butter, skyr, heavy cream.

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Laufabrauð, Snowflake Bread

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Leaf brad or Laufabrauð sometimes also called "snowflake bread" in English, is a traditional kind of Icelandic bread that is most often eaten in the Christmas season. Originating from northern Iceland but now eaten throughout the country, it …

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Pönnukökur is a traditional Pancake in Iceland. These thin crepe-like pancakes make an excellent addition to afternoon tea, or spread with jam and folded up with whipped cream, they are a delicacy fit for festive occasions.

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Porramatur is a selection of traditional Icelandic food, consisting mainly of meat and fish products cured in a traditional manner, cut into slices or pieces and served with rúgbrauð (dense and dark rye bread), butter and brennivín.

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Reykjavik's Hot Dog

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Pylsur is Iceland's most popular fast-food dish among both natives and foreigners. They are more than a simple sausage, they're mostly consumed in form of hot dogs.

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Skyr is a thick and creamy dairy product that’s best described as a marriage between yogurt and cottage cheese. Made from pasteurized skim milk and a bacteria culture similar to yogurt, this thick and creamy delicacy is often …

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Vínarterta, Randalín

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Vinarterta is a multi-layered cake made from alternating layers of white vanilla- or cardamom-flavored shortbread and plum jam, the jam usually including spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom.

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