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Pork in Coriander & Wine

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Afelia is a traditional dish eaten in both Greece and Cyprus. It's usually cooked in an earthenware dish (called tava) in a clay oven. The pork is marinated in red wine with crushed coriander seeds…

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Bourekia is a traditional Cypriot pastry that is usually made with thin and flaky phyllo dough and filled with cheese. The small, semicircular pastries come in sweet or savoury versions, and they’re typically deep-fried in oil until golden …

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Commandaria is a Cypriot wine produced from sun-dried Xynisteri (white) and Mavro (red) grape varieties, both of which are indigenous to Cyprus. The wine is matured for a minimum of two years and is often fortified with the …

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Loukoumades are made by deep frying dough balls, soaking them in honey and then coating them generously in crushed nuts, sesame seeds or cinnamon. Often referred to as honey doughnuts, these sweet treats have a light and spongy …

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A spin-off from the famous Greek fast food dish, the Cypriot style souvlaki consists of small chunks of charcoal-grilled meat on a skewer, and a large amount of fresh salad filling. The pita bread used is thinner and …

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This vegetarian dish oozes with protein and comprises fried onions, rice and brown lentils.

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Flaounes, Φλαούνα, Pilavuna

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Flaouna is a cheese-filled pastry from the island of Cyprus, which may include raisins or be garnished with sesame seeds. Flaounes are traditionally prepared for Easter by Orthodox Cypriots as well as Ramadan by Muslim Turkish Cypriots. Wikipedia

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Hellimli is a Cypriot bread consisting of flour, water, salt, butter, and olive oil. It is enriched by the addition of chopped onions, mint, and diced halloumi cheese. The dough is traditionally baked in clay ovens until the …

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Koufeta Amygdalou Geroskipou is roasted sugared almonds made in the municipality of Geroskipou. Basically, Locally-grown almonds are coated in sugar syrup and have a characteristic rough surface. Only two raw materials are used sugar and almonds.

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Koupepia is a national dish of Cypriot. Koupepia are dolmades stuffed with rice, ground pork or beef, fresh herbs and seasoning, cooked in a tomato sauce. They can be served as part of a meze platter or salad …

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Koupes is a torpedo-shaped croquette found as street food in Cyprus. It is served as a snack, party finger food or as part of a mezes dish. Koupes is made of bulgur wheat, flour, oil, salt, spices and …

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Zalabyieh, Loukoumades, Lokma, Lokmades, …

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These are pastries made of deep fried dough soaked in syrup, chocolate sauce or honey, with cinnamon and sometimes sprinkled with sesame or grated walnuts.

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Lountza is wine-marinated, smoked pork tenderloin. It is one of the most popular local delicacies in Cyprus. Lountza is typically enjoyed either fried or grilled, served mainly for breakfast, or in a simple Cypriot-style sandwich—stuffed into warm pita …

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Louvi is a simple and healthy traditional dish of Cypriot made with black-eyed beans, chard, salt, pepper, olive oil, spinach.

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Oven Macaroni is a traditional ish of Cypriot made with Cheddar cheese.

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Σιάμισιη, Σιάμισιη

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Shamishi are semolina fried pies that have been produced in Cyprus since at least the 19th century and they are considered a traditional delicacy of the cuisine of Cyprus. Shamishi is known as a dessert that is served …

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Sheftalia is a traditional Cypriot type of crépinette, or sausage parcel. The filling is usually composed of parsley.

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Souvla is Cypriot-style barbecue dish is made with seasoned and marinated meat, typically lamb, pork, or chicken, which is placed on a long skewer and slow-roasted over an open fire. The marinating process makes the meat incredibly tender …

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Zivania Brandy is Cypriot brandy with 45% alcohol. It is produced from grape pomace—solid components of grapes that are left after the juice has been pressed. The distillate is then mixed with dry wines which are traditionally produced …

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