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Jacket Potato

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Baked Potato is a potato that has been baked for eating. When well cooked, a baked potato has a fluffy interior and a crisp skin. It may be served with fillings and condiments such as butter, cheese or …

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Beef chow fun is a staple Cantonese dish, made from stir-frying beef, hefen (wide rice noodles) and bean sprouts and is commonly found in yum cha restaurants in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and even overseas, as well as in …

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海皇羹, 海皇羹, hǎihuáng gēng

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Cantonese seafood soup is one of the main seafood soups within Cantonese cuisine. It is commonly found in Hong Kong, and is also available in Chinatowns in other nations. The soup is usually considered midrange to high-end in …

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Chinese barbecued pork, 叉燒, chā sīu, chās…

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Char siu is a popular way to flavor and prepare barbecued pork in Cantonese cuisine. It is classified as a type of siu mei, Cantonese roasted meat.…

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Claypot rice consists of rice cooked in Chinese specific pots over high heat. When the rice is cooked, a fatty meat such as sausage or eel is added. The meat's oil helps fry the rice to make it …

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Dried Scallop

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Conpoy or dried scallop is a type of Cantonese dried seafood product made from the adductor muscle of scallops. The smell of conpoy is marine, pungent, and reminiscent of certain salt-cured meats. Its taste is rich in umami …

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点心, 點心, Diǎnxīn

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A traditional Cantonese cuisine, prepared and served as individual, bite-sized portions, meant for tasting and sharing. It is a style of food which is indigenous to southern China (namely Guangdong) and Hong Kong, which are the two primary …

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orange squid, 鹵水墨魚, 卤水墨鱼, lǔshuǐ mòyú

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The most common English name used for the cuttlefish dish in Cantonese cuisine. It is a siu mei (Cantonese cuisine) although it is not quite roasted. The dish is most commonly found in Southern China, Hong Kong and …

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Pai Kuat

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Pai Guat is Chinese steamed spareribs with black bean sauce, a favorite dim sum dish

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chee cheong fun, 腸粉, 肠粉, chángfěn

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When plain and made without filling, the rice noodle is also known as chee cheong fun where chee cheong means pig intestine, and fun means noodle; this is because the noodle is rolled more tightly and resembles the …

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Shu Mai, Shao mai, 燒賣

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Shumai is a type of traditional Chinese dumpling, originating from Hohhot. In Cantonese cuisine, it is usually served as a dim sum snack. In addition to accompanying the Chinese diaspora, a variation of shaomai also appears in Japan …

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Snake soup is a popular Cantonese delicacy and health supplement in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesian and Thai food which contains the meats of at least two types of snakes as the main ingredients. The soup tastes slightly …

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Deep friend boneless pieces of chicken in a sweet and sour sauce.

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Szechuan beef is a dish that comes from the region of Sichuan in China. the dish is a spicy stir fry made with tender pieces of beef and vegetables, all tossed in a sweet and savoury sauce. and …

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Szechuan chicken is a dish that comes from the region of Sichuan in China. the dish is a spicy stir fry made with tender pieces of boneless chicken and vegetables, all tossed in a sweet and savory sauce. …

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白切鸡, Sliced Chicken

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White-cut chicken, similar to Hainan chicken, is sought out for the collagen gel that forms under its skin. The collagen forms due to the cooking process, and has a slippery fatty texture akin to bone marrow. It is …

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Chinese Crullers

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Deep-fried dough often served during breakfast with hot soy milk or as an accompaniment with congee, soup, or by itself.

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