Spanish-Galician Cuisine

Gallega (Galicia, Spain)

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It is refers to the typical dishes and ingredients found in the cuisine of the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain. These include shellfish, empanadas, polbo á feira (a dish made of octopus), the cheese queixo de tetilla, the ribeiro and albariño wines and orujo liquor.
In Galicia, a wide variety of sea produce can be found in traditional dishes, due to the province's long shoreline and traditional fishing economy. Agriculture products such as potatoes, maize and wheat are also staples in the Galician diet, along with dairy and meat products from animals such as cows, sheep and pigs; Galicia's grasses and shrubs are green year-round and are excellent for grazing.

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(0 ) Polbo Á Feira, Pulp… (Spanish-Galician)
This dish is prepared by first boiling the octopus inside a copper cauldron. Before actually boiling it, the octopus' tentacles …
(0 ) Caldo Galleg, Galic… (Spanish-Galician)
Caldo Gallego is a traditional soup dish from Galicia. It is similar to caldo verde, popular in neighboring Portugal. Ingredients …
(0 ) Galician Pie, Galic… (Spanish) (Spanish-Galician)
Empanada Gallega is a large round pie from Galicia, Spain. The dough is slightly different to typical Latin American-style empanada …
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