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Australian cuisine refers to the cuisine of Australia and its indigenous and colonial societies. Indigenous Australians have occupied Australia for some 40,000 to 60,000 years, during which they developed a unique hunter-gatherer diet, known as "bush tucker", drawn from regional Australian flora and fauna—such as the kangaroo. Australia was, from 1788 to 1900, a collection of British colonies in which culinary tastes were strongly influenced by British and Irish migrants - and agricultural products such as beef cattle, sheep and wheat became staples in the Australian diet. Post-war Australia's multicultural immigration program lead to a diversification of the cuisine of Australia, particularly under the influence of Mediterranean and East Asian Australians.


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Sausage Roll

(1 ) Aussie Sausage Roll (Australian)

A juicy sausage mixture wrapped in puff pastry. It is Australia’s answer to America’s Pigs in a Blanket but better.

Meat Pie

(1 ) Aussie Meat Pie (Australian) (New Zealand)

Meat Pie is a hand-sized meat pie containing diced or minced meat and gravy, sometimes with onion, mushrooms, or cheese ...


(0 ) (Australian)

It is an Australian cake, made from squares of butter cake or sponge cake coated with an outer layer of ...

(0 ) Chocolate Bubble ... (Australian) (New Zealand)

Chocolate Crackles is a popular children's confection in Australia and New Zealand, especially for birthday parties and at school fêtes. ...


(0 ) (Australian)

Damper is a traditional Australian soda bread, historically prepared by swagmen, drovers, stockmen and other travelers.It consists of a wheat ...

Bush Bread

(0 ) Seedcakes (Australian)

It refers to the bread made by Australian Aboriginals for many thousands of years, by crushing seeds into a dough, ...

Fairy Bread

(0 ) (Australian)

It is sliced white bread spread with margarine or butter and covered with hundreds and thousands which stick to the ...

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