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It is largely driven by local ingredients and seasonal variations. An island nation with a primarily agricultural economy, New Zealand yields produce from land and sea. Similar to the cuisine of Australia, the cuisine of New Zealand is a diverse British-based cuisine, with Mediterranean and Pacific Rim influences as the country becomes more cosmopolitan.

In New Zealand households, dinner is the main meal of the day, when families gather and share their evening together. Restaurants and takeaways provide an increasing proportion of the diet.

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(1 ) Aussie Meat Pie (Australian) (New Zealand)
Meat Pie is a hand-sized meat pie containing diced or minced meat and gravy, sometimes with onion, mushrooms, or cheese …
(0 ) Chocolate Bubble Ca… (Australian) (New Zealand)
Chocolate Crackles is a popular children's confection in Australia and New Zealand, especially for birthday parties and at school fêtes. …
(0 ) Lolly Log (New Zealand)
Lolly Cake is a New Zealand cake or confectionery that features "lollies" (candy/sweets/confectionery) as a key ingredient. Chopped lollies are …
Sausage Sizzle is a community event common to Australia and New Zealand. The primary element of a sausage sizzle is …
(0 ) Rēwena Bread (New Zealand)
Parāoa rēwena is a traditional Māori sourdough potato bread.
Afghan biscuit is a traditional New Zealand biscuit made from flour, butter, cornflakes, sugar, and cocoa powder, topped with chocolate …
Bacon Butty is Scottish food. It is a kind of sandwich of cooked bacon between bread that is optionally spread …
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