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(0 ) Paneer Ka Pulao, Pa… (Indian)
Paneer Pulao is a Delicious preparation of rice with spices, onion-tomato and Indian cottage cheese(Paneer). It can be served with …
(0 ) Koki Paratha, Sindh… (Indian)
Koki is a popular Sindhi breakfast Recipe so you will find this in the weekly menu of almost every Sindhi …
(0 ) Moong Dal Khichdi (Indian)
Made with Rice and lentil, this recipe is power packed with all the nutrients. Indian comfort food, easy to make, …
(0 ) Penne Pasta With Re… (Italian)
Red sauce pasta is made by tossing al dente(slightly undercooked) pasta in the red sauce, flavored with herbs and garlic. …
(0 ) Gatta Curry, Besan … (Indian)
Gatte ki sabji is a Mouth-watering delicacy from Rajasthani Cuisine which has Gram flour (Besan) dumplings as the main ingredient. …
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