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Aalu Ka Paratha

Potato Paratha

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Aalu ka paratha (aloo paratha), an indian breakfast delicacy!

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Arbi Fry

Colocasia Fry, Kachalu Fry, Dry Arbi, Suk…

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Arbi Fry is a simple yet tasty dish. It is one of those delicacies which do not require much preparation or ingredients. Pair it with Indian bread like roti or paratha and any dal (lentils) or kadhi and enjoy your delicious full meal.

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Baingan Ki Sabji

Baingan Ki Sabzi, Brinjal Sabji

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Baingan ki sabji is a simple dry brinjal preparation of fried eggplant cooked in masala seasoned with Indian flavors. This sukhi baingan masala is a tasty side dish for chapati or roti.

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Besan Chilla

Besan Ka Cheela

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Besan chilla is a gram flour savory pancake with the goodness of onion and tomatoes. Cheela is a tasty breakfast choice that works well for the evening snacks as well.

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Bhindi Fry

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Bhindi Fry is a regular Indian vegetable preparation made with stir-frying bhindi also called okra. Spice-coated bhindi is a simple yet delicious side dish, can be paired with dal and chapati!

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Bread Pakoda

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Bread Pakoda (Bread Pakora) is an easy bread snack, made using bread slices and gram flour batter. This fried snack can be made with many variations of filling.

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Carrot Halwa

Gajar Halwa

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Carrot Halwa or Gajar Halwa is a popular Indian sweets made out of carrots! Delicious, winter special dish!

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Dal Khichdi

Moong Dal Khichdi

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Made with Rice and lentil, this recipe is power packed with all the nutrients. Indian comfort food, easy to make, one pot meal is complete by itself.

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Dal Pakwan

Sindhi Dal Pakwan

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Dal Pakwan is a popular traditional Sindhi(from Indian Food) Breakfast recipe, a combo of dal that is lentil and Pakwan which is a crispy deep-fried flatbread.

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Easy Indian Zucchini Fry Snack

Zucchini Fry

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Zucchini fry is an easy Indian snack made from zucchini, Indian spices and a mix of gram flour and rice flour.

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Easy Red Sauce Spaghetti Pasta

Spaghetti Pasta, Red Sauce Spaghetti Pasta

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This Easy Red Sauce Spaghetti Pasta Recipe is super tasty! A few ingredients spaghetti pasta is perfect dish to be included in kids' birthday party menu as well.

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Gatte Ka Pulao

Gatta Pulao, Rajasthani Gatte Ka Pulao, R…

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Gatte ka Pulao is a traditional rice delicacy in which cooked rice is combined with gram flour dumplings, called Gatte. It is a delectable delicacy from Rajasthani cuisine.

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Gatte Ki Sabji

Gatta Curry, Besan Gatte Ki Sabji

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Gatte ki sabji is a Mouth-watering delicacy from Rajasthani Cuisine which has Gram flour (Besan) dumplings as the main ingredient. In this Gatte Ki Sabji recipe, Curd can be completely omitted by increasing the tomato puree quantity as I have used the base of onion-tomato …

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Mango Raita

Shahi Mango Raita, Mango Mint Raita, Laye…

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Mango Raita is the combination of divine mango with refreshing curd-based raita that works well as an accompaniment to Indian meal and we also serve it as a side dish to the biryani or pulao!

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Masala Oats

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Masala Oats- savory, nutritious and power-packed breakfast option!

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Mix Dal Recipe

Mix Daal, Mix Dal Fry

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Mix dal, a comforting and delicious combination of lentils!

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Noodles Balls

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To make Noodles Balls. boiled Hakka noodles are combined with thick white sauce, flavored with Indian spices, shaped into balls, and deep-fried.

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Oats Mango Kheer

Mango Kheer

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Oats Mango Kheer is an easy Indian dessert made with milk, oats, mangoes, and goodness of nuts.

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Palak Paratha

Spinach Paratha, Palak Ka Paratha

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Palak Paratha or Spinach Paratha is a heathy and delicious Indian Breakfast item. Pair it with curd, pickle or tea and enjoy the nutritious breakfast!

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Paneer Bhurji Gravy

Paneer Bhurji Curry, Paneer Bhurji With G…

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paneer bhurji gravy means crumbled Indian Cottage cheese in gravy or curry. It is a flavorful preparation of crumbled paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) in onion-tomato gravy with aromatic spices and the richness of cashews. Serve Paneer Bhurji curry with Pav, Lachcha paratha, Tandoori Roti, chapati …

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