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(1 ) Red Curry (Thai)
Red curry is a popular Thai dish consisting of red curry paste cooked in coconut milk and added with meat; …
(0 ) (Italian)
This is a seafood soup or stew in Italian cuisine from Liguria in northern Italy. Some preparations may be slow-cooked, …
(0 ) Soda bread (Irish)
This is any of various quadrant-shaped flatbreads and cakes, traditionally made by cutting a round into four pieces.
(0 ) (Spanish)
This is a Spanish stew made from pork and beans and a wide variety of other meats and vegetables, often …
(0 ) amok trei, amok fish (Cambodian)
Amok Trey is a steamed curried fish, is a traditional dish of Cambodian cuisine. It is fish coated in a …
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