Guatemalan Cuisine


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Garnachas are tortillas, topped with meat, marinated cabbage, salsa and grated cheese.

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Guatemalan Tamales is a special kind of dish from Guatemala. It has different variation. Guatemala version of Tamale is generally bigger than others. Guatemalan tamale dough is made with maize, which is wrapped and cooked in a large …

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stuffed zucchini

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Guicoyitos are little round summer squashes that taste like zucchini and look like mini green pumpkins. They are absolutely adorable! And they seem to be a favorite of the guatemaltecos because they're everywhere, and pretty cheap. guicoyitos http://twoyearitchblog.blogspot…

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Guatemalan shredded beef in tomatillos

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Hilachas is a popular Guatemalan dish made of cooked and shredded beef that is simmered in a mildly spicy tomatillo-tomato sauce. Pair it with a side of rice and fresh corn tortillas for a full meal. tomatillos - …

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Jocón, pollo en jocón

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Jocón or pollo en jocón is a dish popular with the Mayan population of Guatemala. Chicken is simmered in a tasty sauce tinted a beautiful green by tomatillos and cilantro and thickened with ground sesame and pumpkin seeds …

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Jocón De Pollo

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Jocón de pollo is a traditional Guatemalan dish hailing from Huehuetenango. The dish is made with a combination of chicken pieces, pumpkin and sesame seeds, tomatillos, cilantro, onions, chili peppers, and corn tortillas that are chopped, soaked in …

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Kaq Ik, Guatemalan Turkey Soup

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Kaq Ik ("Kak-ik") is a traditional Guatemalan dish with unique flavors. Guatemalan Turkey Soup made with turkey, salt, spices, herbs, vegetables, hot sauce. It is very delicious and healthy. It is also arguably the unofficial national dish of …

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Ancient Spicy Turkey Stew. Kak’ik combines a variety of spices, the most prominent being achiote, coriander and a variety of chilies, the dried Cobanero chile being the main ingredient. Secret ingredients often include several heads of garlic with …

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Mixtas are the Guatemalan version of hot dogs. It is made of sausage, vegetables, sauce. The stuffing is made in tortillas instead of a bun. It is a Guatemalan traditional food which are famous in street food.

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Mole de Platanos is a Guatemalan dish made with fried, sliced plantains. Mole de plantains are topped with a complex, chocolate mole sauce. There are different version of the dish. This version is served as a dessert.

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Tostadas are Guatemalan popular traditional food. Noodle tostadas are topped with guacamole, tomato salsa, radishes, onions, and a large dollop of noodles.

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banana bread

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A slice of banana bread is a simple snack; when served topped with butter or honey, it is an accompaniment for a salad or light meal; when topped with whipped cream or ice cream, it becomes dessert…

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Pepián de indio is among the list of national dishes of Guatemala. Pepián de indio is a hot and hearty and thick meat and recado sauce made with tomatoes, tomatillos, chayote and other vegetables, thickened with toasted bread, …

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Piloyada is a traditional dish of Guatemala. It is prepared with piloy beans, bay leaf, cloves, thyme, sausages, chorizos, vinegar, herbs vegetables. It is accompanied by sausages, longanizas and pork post. This dish is enjoyed mostly in Holidays.

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chicken to the beer

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The chicken beer is a variant like a chicken seasoning made grilled or baked. A delicious way to prepare a very simple recipe, sure to please guests of all ages. This is a very handy recipe when you …

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Pollo encebollado is a traditional Guatemalan dish made of chicken stewed with onions and spices

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Pollo en crema (chicken in cream) is a traditional Guatemalan dish. It is made by stewing chicken in cream-based sauce and vegetables like carrots, bell pepper, celery, and loroco (Local edible flower)

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Pollo guisado is a popular lunch dish served in homes and comedors (eateries) across Guatemala. Originating from Spain, the ingredients used to make this dish are easily sourced outside of Guatemala. It also features salsa inglesa aka Worcestershire …

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thick meat and vegetable stew

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stuffed Plantains

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small balls of mashed plantains filled with sweetened black beans, fried and sprinkled with sugar…

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